Why Me

My Life seems to be leading
Down the road that leads to nowhere
But I wonder halfway down
Will my Demise really set me free?
Will Death give me the freedom
To be the real me?
All Hell is about to be let loose
But I don't wanna be a part of it
A simple thing blown into mammoth proportions
Everything seems to be falling to pieces
Dunno what I'm supposed to do
What I'm supposed to say
I walk around the room, wondering
What part am I supposed to play?
They say that Right always wins over Wrong
But what happens when the Right goes Wrong?
Which side does God Take, I wonder
And what role does Lucifer play
Will someone please help me?
Will someone please set me free?
These thoughts fight in my brain
They struggle to burst through my skull
They leave a gaping hole in my soul
A hole that can be seen on my face
The scavengers swarm in for the feast
They feed on the dying me
As my eyes begin to shut
The last thing I can think is
"Why, oh God, Why Me?"

© 2004 Arnab Majumdar

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