Broken Orbs of Dreams

My dreams lay shattered
My mind in tourmoil
Can't see straight
Can't think sense
Seems like I've been shot
Shot straight through the heart
The blood drips down my wound
Like the hate dripping down my face
I care for her
but does the world care for us?
She's been scarred
An ugly reminder of the wrongs
That she's been through
It follows her around
As a faithful dog
But there's nothing faithful in this
Just a promise to bring her suffering
To laugh at her spite
Sucking her dry
It jests at this lament
It dances to her misery
It feasts on her sorrows
Making her forever jittery
She dwells on her nightmares
Like the incubus that dwells on her
Waiting to sire his child
Beget the demons within...

© 2004 Arnab Majumdar

2 comments :: Broken Orbs of Dreams

  1. Darker and Sad but deep with meaning :)

  2. @ Sowmi... I had a phase of writing dark poems. Didn't really enjoy it all that much to be honest...