My Friend The Dusk

The sorrows hung around my neck
Like the wreath of rue
Reflected in my haunted eyes
Is my life's changing hue
In my dreams I fly
I soar as an angel, so high
I don't know about angels,
It's fear that gives men wings
Trapped in this prison of desire
I crave for undesirable things
I die every day
It seems to be
The penance that I must pay
As the Nox trudges on
Sleepily singing her hollow song
I feel intoxicated
By the poison that is the night
I am scared of the stuns
That comes with the morning light
So in the darkness I must dwell
Find my home in this hell...

© 2004 Arnab Majumdar

2 comments :: My Friend The Dusk

  1. Nox is goddess of Night right??? But beautiful poem :)all your poems seem to be dark.. why is it so??

  2. @ Sowmi... Yeah, Nox is the goddess of night. This was again from the phase where I used to write the dark poems a bit too much. Thank god I'm out of that now!