Pinpricks For My Soul

Why search for a pin in a haystack
When all a pin does is prick
'Coz I don't wanna be your voodoo doll no more
Nobody's hide is that thick
All my dreams have got a new bad habit
They turn sour the moment I look away
That's when my demons are let loose
Dunno till when I'll be able to hold them at bay
Sometimes on a dark, dreary night
I sit and think "What's this life for?"
But if my life has no real purpose
Is death truly that much better?
The echoes of my nightmares
Reverberate through the room
Ricochet in my head
Like the pinpricks that I try to avoid
But I get caught in this turmoil
Just can't escape these nightmares
My life becomes a perpetual Roller Coaster ride
Where I'm the only one to be trapped on it
I hope to buy more time from the Devil
But I don't think he's selling any
Can't get out of this hellhole
So now I'm saying my last goodbyes..

© 2004 Arnab Majumdar

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