The Friend Circle

"If only I had a gun," thought Ali. "Maybe, if I could blast a bullet in my head, it'd help to stop the pounding." He laughed at the absurdity of the thought almost immediately though, as real life took a grip on him again.

He had never thought that he could fight with Raman the way he did. He never thought that he was capable of saying the things that he did, to Raman; his best friend since childhood.

He wanted to say a lot of things to him; that he hadn't really meant any of the things he had said to Raman when they fought. That he still was his best friend, in spite of everything. Most importantly, he wanted Raman to know that he did not want him to "die and go to hell" as he had told him to.

Ali had tried calling Raman quite a few times, but he had had no luck. He was very hopeful thus, when finally the phone rang. He picked up the phone hastily, only to see that it wasn't Raman, but Kalpana who was calling him.

"Kay. I thought it was Raman," said Ali the moment he picked up the call. "More than thinking, I was actually hoping it was him."

"He still hasn't called?" asked Kay. It was evident that she was worried about the friendship between the two of them.

"Not yet. I tried calling him a bunch of times, but he's not picking up the phone. How am I supposed to make up with him, when he won't answer my calls?"

"Have you tried visiting his place?"

"Last time I went there, he wasn't home. The door was locked, and Mrs. Dixit didn't know where he was either," said Ali.

It was getting insane. He had never felt worse in his entire life. There were very few people who mattered to him where he was. One of them was missing, while the other one was on the phone with him, trying to convince him that things would turn out fine.

"Kay, you don't think he's taken everything that I said to him seriously, has he?"

"I don't think so Ali. It's Raman, our Raman. More than that, it's you guys we're talking about here. I'm sure you guys are gonna figure this out soon. The both of you just need some time to cool down, that's all," said Kay.

"I'm cool now. I am a little worried about Raman. He's not gonna do anything stupid, is he?"

"Nah, he's a mature rational guy. I wouldn't worry about him much. He'd turn up alright, probably with a couple of bottle of beers for the two of you. Who knows?"

"Yeah, with Raman, you never really know," said Ali, as the doorbell rang.

He looked through the peephole, and saw it was Raman, standing just outside the door. Relieved, he quickly told Kay about him.

"He's here Kay; I'll go talk it out with him."

"Yeah, you do that. Then you give me a call and let me know what happened, okay? Don't worry now kid, you guys are alright," said Kay. A click and she hung up.

Ali unlatched the door to find Raman standing with a gun in his hand. He raised it. The bullet made a small coin-sized hole dead center of Ali's forehead, and he crumpled to the floor.


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  1. I hate you!!! You could have taken this towards another end. :(

    Kahan gaya the bright and optimistic thought of mind ??? :O

  2. @ Bondgal... Well, they always say, some days are better than the others, right? Guess that holds true for folks like me too :)

  3. OMG........Is that the end of the story!!!!!!Arnab this is not fair....i want more!!

  4. hahaha... just as dark i was hoping it to be. delving into sin city soundtrack, i guess i was on the dark path anywyz... and this be a definite deviation from your usual style... good one!! in fact, u ain't just good! u r impressive!!
    try listening to Cells, the servants instrumental when reading this. and imagine the story with the graphics of sin city...

  5. whoa!!!

    my god!!

    what an unexpected twist! i thoroughly loved it!!

  6. @ Aruna... Yes, that is the end of the story there :) I like giving twists to stories like that somehow, as is evident from the previous stories out here as well. Do read them sometime too, maybe you'll like them...

    Thanks for dropping by, cheers and take care...

  7. @ Sumit... Glad you liked it man, and I can understand what it must feel if you were reading this while listening to the Sin City soundtrack! Deviation from my usual way of writing, dunno about that... go through the older stories, maybe you'll find something similar out there.

    Thanks for the comments. See ya around, cheers...

  8. @ Pheonix... Really glad that you loved it, and I hope the older style of writing wasn't unwelcome here... was it?

    Cheers, take care...

  9. hey, isn't this how instincts nd intuitions work..?
    You think and thus it works...!!!
    Great use of instincts :)

    Hey, nd thanks for following my blog, wow :)

  10. @ Diya... Yeah, you can say that. It doesn't always makes sense in the way we want to, but to certain people at certain times, it fits.

    Thanks a lot for liking it. Keep blogging, cheers, take care...

  11. oh fish....!!
    how can a frnd do such a deed..?!!
    u should lengthen it and turn into a movie script!!

  12. Hmmm, I did expect something untoward. And all I'll say is - be careful what you wish for!

    It is a pity that someone who was known as *mature* ended up doing something like that. So many contributing factors; and I dare say Raman had more reason to be p*ssed off 'cos he was berated by someone outside his community... (Ok, no assumptions... Am looking at human thought here, bleh to those who started thinking otherwise!)

    Good one, Monsieur Majumdar. (Not to worry, ul get a hang of Fran├žais... Ppl with a flair for English won't have a tough time.)


  13. Ouch.. this isn't fair.. You start with a bang and end with a thud.. In Reference to context obviously..

  14. to be honest I didn't expected the end.I thought that they will reuntie at the end:(

  15. @ Blue Eyed Soul... Well, the human psyche is a very interesting thing. You never really know how a particular person would react to any given situation...

    Thanks for visiting, and the comments. Cheers...

  16. @ Kartz... I'm a slight fan of irony, but not so much when it's happening to me of course. Also, I've left the area of reasons and all to the reader, as always.

    I'm hoping I get the hang of French too, my first encounter with that language has been quite nice... another reason why I wanna learn it better...

    Thanks for the comments, cheers...

  17. @ Netika... I know it isn't fair. And I hope the fact that the story started out with a bang and ended with a thud didn't get you disappointed... thanks for dropping by, cheers...

  18. @ Kunjal... People are unpredictable at times, and they do end up doing things that they shouldn't have done... like out here. I hope you liked the story... cheers... :)

  19. oh a toatal different perspective.. btw, I hate sad endings.. but it juz took my breath away!!

    pat on the back!!

  20. @ Richa... Thanks a lot :) Cheers...

  21. the end was just so unexpected..!!
    but the whole do was commendable.....enjoyed

  22. Though, there is a nice and lovely write up…the characters and the expressions are narrated beautifully,
    Personally I don’t like the end..donno why …but yes this was an interesting story….
    Why I didn’t like the end tht cud be my personal reason n experience so I don’t blame u for tht…
    Anyways u rock… Arnab..
    Hv fun n cheers :)

  23. Wonderful and DARK... I loved it :)

    It was ur signature style... unpredictable and fast moving...

    Yaar... u shud copyright this stuff and write short stories.. u r really gud... seriously... am ur fan... :)

    Autograph de do... baad mein badey author bann gaye toh humein chance bhi nahi milega...

  24. disappointment at all.. I liked it a lot :)Just that happy endings are what we usually look forward to.

  25. Hey! I'm back !!!!!!!!!!! :) (:
    Again a great post!!!!!! :D You rock!

  26. ouch... that was a sad ending mate...

    wish they had got their chance to talk it out... :(

    nice story mate... as always... cheers...

  27. Loved your blog! I'll keep coming back :-)

  28. I saw it coming :D But as always, very nicely written

  29. Now that's what i call the "Arnab Twist" :)

    nice..unpredictable end..

  30. Hmmm no wonder...
    I predicted it..
    mujhe pata tha ki last line mein kow twist hoga kyun ki itni aasani se tum do doston ko milane se rahe...

    Jo bhi ho..achcha tha..must say punching one ...

    wont say it was sad or bad liek isha told..:P

    Keep writing... :)

  31. @ Sarmistha... Thanks a lot, happy that you enjoyed the unexpected twist to the tale. Happy to know that it lived up to the expectations.

    Personally speaking, however, I wasn't too fond of the story, the plot that is. Somehow...

    Thanks for dropping by, cheers...

  32. @ Pallav... Thanks for the comment, good to know you liked the characters and the narration. Personally, even I didn't like the ending, so no worries there whatsoever :)

    Keep blogging man, cheers...

  33. @ Harshita... Thanks a lot for the wonderful motivation that you always bring my way. I'd love to write something properly someday, especially now that I've known how much you guys like the stuff I've put up here. And don't worry, I can't forget you guys ever :D

    About the post, I don't think I've written something this dark in a while now. At least, that's how it felt in my head.

    Cheers, take care, and keep blogging...

  34. @ Netika... Hmm, well I dunno where the happy ending went. Just that I knew that I couldn't make it happy this time, somehow.

    I wish I could though, even I didn't like it to be honest...


  35. @ Cursed... Hey there, welcome back! And thanks a lot :) Cheers...

  36. @ Arv... Thanks a lot man, and even I hope they had that chance.

    Cheers man...

  37. @ Shweta... Thanks a lot, and welcome to Technicolor Collage. cya around, cheers...

  38. @ Urv... Thanks a lot man, I hope you enjoyed the story.


  39. @ Niti... I'm sure you liked it. I was thinking about your previous comments, and how much you miss the "Arnab" twist when I finished with it. :)

    Cheers, keep blogging... take care

  40. @ Mahesh... Hehe... I wonder if you were looking forward to such twists in the previous stories as well :P

    Thanks a lot for reading the stuff man, really feels good that you read the blog so religiously. I'll let Isha know about your resolution not to brand it as sad or bad as well :P Cheers man...

  41. Oh! I didn't see THAT coming!!! Well written man :)

  42. @ Ki... Thanks a lot :) Glad you liked the ending. Welcome to Technicolor Collage, cya around... cheers...

  43. Hi!
    I saw your drawings on orkut. You're really good :)

  44. @ Cursed... Thanks a lot :) I don't do that so much anymore though, but I'd sure love to again... maybe someday, just like I took up writing again, I'll restart sketching again :)


  45. I so love your stories here!

    Wish I have a wide extent of ideas as you have!

    Anyways, I am also writing short stories, but at some points they are quiet different. But if you wish to visit my blog, its my pleasure.

    you can go there by clicking here --> Thanks a bunch!

  46. @ droL... Thanks a lot for the comments, I'll surely visit your blog sometime and read your stories too. Haven't been able to keep up with the blogging world lately, lotsa reasons for that. I'm hoping however, that the situation would change soon, once my exams and all get over... cheers to that thought, and welcome to Technicolor Collage.

  47. Hi Arnav

    i am not able to check isha's blog, seems like its possible only if she allows me... is that so? let me know..

    sorry for bothering you dude..



  48. @ Mahesh... Send me your email address, I'll forward it to her so she can allow the access to you, alright? No trouble man... cheers...

  49. That was thrilling arnab... i simply loved the end, twisty and unexpected, my favourite kind... :)

    first time here. loved it very very much. you write amazingly man...
    hope to keep coming back for more...
    take care. do visit...

  50. Hmmmm my email id is ..thanks man..:)

  51. Yep..I wish I could have grey eyes :D

  52. Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....?????? Nahiiiiiiiiiiinnnn...

    *dies with shock*

    P.S.: Great one, yet again! :)

  53. such a depressing ending. was it just to add the shock element to it?

  54. O Henry style writing impressive.
    The climax was exciting but the starting lacked the enthusiasm.

  55. I've awarded you. Go to my blog!

  56. Arnab, time to change the post!!!

  57. @ Little Girl Lost... Firstly, sorry for the late reply. Had my exams on, so was forced to stay away from the blog. I know it's a little late to come, but Welcome to Technicolor Collage.

    Glad you enjoyed the twist. It's my favourite kind too :) Hope to see you around, cheers...

  58. @ Mahesh... I know I'm late here, and I think she's already got your email address. I'll let her know nonetheless... cheers...

  59. @ Cursed... Grey eyes really would be cool... and any shade of grey would do actually :)

    Cheers... and sorry for the late reply...

  60. @ Siya... I wished it would end on a different note too, but then I just couldn't help it... :D

    Thanks a lot, cheers...

  61. @ Utopia... It was somewhat the intended ending, but that's not the only reason. I just had a weird day, and felt quite cynical... had to get it outta my system, so here it was :)

    Cheers, hope to see you around...

  62. @ Careless Thinker... Wow, that's a wonderful comment. Thanks a lot for comparing me to O Henry... I just hope that someday, I can write almost as well as he did...

    The lack of enthusiasm at the beginning was to bring the contrast out. Plus, too much of enthusiasm would make enthusiasm lose it's meaning, wouldn't it?


  63. @ Cursed... Checked, and accepted :D Thank you so much for that award. Haven't been able to check the blogs before, my exams just finished today. Cheers to you :)

  64. @ Aruna... I know, even I wanted to do that. My exams just got over today, and I'm on it. Hope I can get things done fast :D Cheers...

  65. came here thru isha's blog.. man!!! tht was quite a story!!! :O

    wish u had written more on y they fought in d first place.. cz it doesnt really fit tht someone wud kill someone lik dat. anyway, its ju my opinion.

    rest assured, it kept me gripped. :)


  66. @ Ice Maiden... Thanks a lot for commenting, glad the story was gripping. I guess the reason for the fight is a big blank, that can be filled in by the readers as they please... I don't know what might push a man over the edge, depends from person to person actually, that's why I've left that bit to the opinion of the reader... and now I know yours :)


  67. *Swooooooooooooooooooooooon*
    This was AH-MAHZING! (:
    You should consider short stories as a profession, dude.
    Seriously :)


  68. @ Newbie Mommy... Thank You :D I'll surely consider that as an option, although right now it's still in the hobby state.


  69. man u write shrt sories bttr...

  70. @ dont ask my reason... Better than what?

  71. obviously bttr than vrybdy else in the town lolzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

    bttr than long stories

  72. @ dont ask my reason... Hmm... Well, thanks a lot man... and for now, I intend to stick with the shorter stories only.

    I hope you didn't think that any of the stories here qualified to be classified as long...?