A Collage.


I had a dream.

A few steps back into my life. A million steps away from reality.

The first day of school, my first school. Being escorted (read: carried) to school by someone. It’s impossible to recognize who that person is, with my teary eyes as I bawl away to glory.

The lonely walks through the large school grounds. Falling asleep under the cool shade of a seemingly huge tree.

The fights and the bickering. The games and the controversies. The memories, the nightmares. The punishments. The unfinished food in the tiffin boxes.

Growing up, to bigger classrooms. More space. More people. More conversations. Less space.

Unit tests giving way to examinations. Still the growing up doesn’t stop. Sneaking in to the computer labs and playing games. Sometimes, we forget to grow up.

College days. Even bigger classrooms, more frequent bunking sessions. Low attendance. More dates than classes.

The first ride on the Metro. With a purpose. The first date with her. An unforgettable Metro ride.

Disconnected images of the time spent with her. All those dates.

Staying late in office, working hard. For a future. A promised future.

The future becomes a lie. The dream fades away. The screen in front of my eyes flicker. The End. I wake up to reality.

It can never happen again. Any of it. Ever.

Nostalgia never hurt so much before.