Nascence Of The Twilight

Drink some water
Empty the barrel
Pump in some bullets
And make it look floral
Shed the skin
Inherited from the snake
'Coz we're in the biz
Of give and take
The hands that shake
Tremble before making the break
Run away when you hear gun shots
Because the night becomes too hot
Sleep no more, stay awake
Whatever may be at stake
'Coz in the darkness, evil strikes
Giving you a tender little lovebite
The graveyard is infested
By spooks who've been berated
And they croud around you
Thoughtfully crying out "Boo"
Take me home now
To you now I bow
My Monsters at home must be hungry
Got to feed them, so they don't get angry
The flimsy missies all wait for a ride
To get in they scratch and bite
So, you see, the night has just begun
Care to join me, and join the fun?

© 2004 Arnab Majumdar

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