A little boy’s letter to his father who’s been away for a long time in the Army


Dear Pappy

I hope this letter reaches you soon; the last letter took ages to reach. I keep thinking about the time when you were here, and how things were.

Things still happen around here at home, even though they tend to be a little slow. Maybe when you come over and give everything a hearty push, things would become fast again.

The goldfish you got for me has grown up a lot. I had to move it out of the little bowl it came in. I’m sending you a picture of him; I don’t know what to call him yet. Can you help me with that?

I used your old fish tank to house the fish in, I hope its ok. I cleaned it out nicely, but Mama said not to clean it too much. Do fishes really like to swim in stinky water Pappy? Don’t they have noses like us?

I’m really starting to get the hang of the fiddle lately. Mama says I’m becoming quite good at it, even though grandma doesn’t really enjoy it. She says I would be better on the piano with, with the long fingers that I have.

Mama says even you play the fiddle. Do they have the fiddle where you are Pappy? I’d like to listen to it when you come here, and you can hear me play it too!

Yesterday was really hot here. Me and Michelle made lemonade and had a little sale right outside the house. It went really nice; everyone loved the fresh squeezed lemonade. Michelle had a lot of fun as well, even though she drank nearly half of the lot herself.

Pappy, I saw in the news, there was a man looking just like you and wearing the same kind of dress, driving around in a big Tank. Do you also drive around in a Tank like that? Don’t you have regular cars there?

Mama doesn’t like driving without you. She always says that you’re a lot better at handling a car than she is. Is that true Pappy? Did you really teach Mama how to drive a car? Can you teach me as well, when you come over?

John’s here Pappy, he’s taking me to play baseball today. Remember, we still have to finish the last game when you come here next. When will you be coming home Pappy?

I told Michelle I’ll be writing a letter to you, and even she wanted to write something. She couldn’t find a pen, but wrote something for you with Mama’s lipstick. I couldn’t understand what she’s written, but I’m sending that along with this letter. Michelle told me you would understand what’s written there.

Come home soon Pappy, we miss you a lot.



P.S. Mama told me to tell you that I pray every night before dinner and before I go to sleep.