A Brand New Family

A little over a year into her marriage, and Rupal had exceeded all her expectations towards herself – she had actually become a wonderful cook. The Pulao and the Shahi Paneer were giving out the most mouth watering aroma, and she should have been proud of herself.

Only, she wasn’t. It’s not easy to be proud of yourself, when you’re all alone at home, waiting for a husband who’s late. It was the third successive night that she’d been waiting for Himanshu to turn up, but he said he was held up at work for yet another day. She knew it was for the best, and yet she didn’t like it one bit. The fact that all her efforts at making the exquisite dinner were slowly turning cold was something she didn’t want to come to terms with so easily.

She heard the key turning in the lock. A moment later, Himanshu’s voice boomed in from the corridor, “Honey, I’m home!”

“You’re late again! Why do they have to make you work so hard?” she asked him the moment he came within her line of sight. Her arms were crossed over her tummy, always a bad sign.

“Sweetheart, I told you on the phone. You know the VP, if he wants a meeting, he wants it now! I’m sorry it took so much time,” said Himanshu.

Rupal wasn’t impressed by what she was hearing. Something inside her was not ready to accept the things that Himanshu was saying to her at that moment.

“Is it too much to ask for a husband to be back home at a decent hour, so that we can have a proper meal together at the end of the day? You know how hectic my days are, and you know how much I look forward to the dinners that we share.”

“I know honey, but this was something  I couldn’t avoid. I’m sure you understand…”

“Oh sure! You would always expect me to be the one who’s understanding, right? As if it’s never going to be your job to try to understand what I want, ever!”

Two fat droplets of tears formed at the edge of her eyelids, and she couldn’t stop them from rolling down her cheeks. Himanshu, noticing this, rushed forward and held her tightly in her arms.

“What is it sweetie? What do you want? You know all you have to do is tell me, and I’ll do anything to make sure that you have it.”

He could feel her heart beating against his, could feel her wonderful warmth in his arms. And then she looked up at him, and said, “I just want the three of us to be together, and happy, and to love each other, forever.”

“The three of us?” asked Himanshu, noticing her smile mingled with the two fat tears rolling down her cheeks for the first time.


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  1. that was soooo sweet.....new member in the family! Himanshu must've jumped out of joy, isn't it!!!!!That's a nice story!

  2. awwww..:) it was a sweet story. :)

    but the subject u wrote on was a bit cliche.

  3. Well main kuch aur expect kar raha tha..:P

    i mean himanshu kuch karega.... and all ..:P

    Sweet story...so new phase of stories started kya..?

    Keep writing...


  4. thts so sweet...
    simply n cracky...

    Arnab.... wonderful peice...

    keep blogging..

    Cheers :)

  5. Awwwwwwwwww !!!!!!!!!!

    First time that you've written something like this and I like it!!

    Very very sweet. :)

    On a Saturday, when I'm in office, it helped bring a broad smile to my face. So thanks. :)


    P.S. Nice choice of names. :P

  6. You are back to your sugary ways :).
    Simple story , but you have wayss to make it come to life .

  7. @ Aruna... Thanks a lot :) And with a thing like that happening, I think he just might have...

  8. @ Preetilata... Hmm, it is a bit cliched no doubt. But somehow, when I want to write something, I really want to write that something :D

    Cheers, and thanks...

  9. @ Mahesh... What did you expect in this story man?? I'm intruiged! :D


  10. @ Pallav... Thanks a lot man. Good to see that you liked this :)


  11. @ bondgal... Well yeah, first time that I attempted to write something of this sort... so feels good to know that people liked it. :)

    Also, happy to help in bringing that broad smile, especially on a Saturday in office when it's so tough to get one :D

    And many thanks to a wonderful friend for the nice names :P


  12. @ BrownPhantom... Hmm, I don't really know what you mean by Sugary Ways. Care to clarify a bit? :P

    Thanks for dropping by man, cheers...

  13. You are a master twister... you know that? :)

  14. @ Diya... Thanks so much :) That's a great compliment!


  15. oh my God!
    So cute. I mean the way she said conveyed the you know..coming of the child was lovely!
    You rock :)

  16. Cute Story :)

  17. cliched or not, the story does put a smile on the face, even if its only a hint of the true thing...

    which makes me wonder, isn't it funny, how a baby, a newborn can make just about anyone smile?? except when they cry... oh god!!!

  18. oh btw, it really is kinda bugging when there's no one around to appreciate what you are cooking... so very bugging!! in the end, you just throw together something, anything that fills you up...

  19. thats a light hearted one mate... warm... and drives home a point to all of us as to what comes first in life...

    take care mate.. cheers...

  20. awww...so sweet.. This was really unexpected, and frankly little unlike-Technicolor Collage. But whatever, this was really sweet :)
    Ah.. this makes me send a wish.. I wish this doesn't happen to me . *sigh*

  21. Well...

    how can you get pregnant when i am sterile..? :P

    Just kidding....:)

    This would have ruined the sweetness...:)

  22. cute.. not expected to be read on your blog..

    I thot he d b having an extra marital or something.. :)

  23. @ Cursed... :D It was something different that came into my head from somewhere. Couldn't resist putting it up actually...

    Thanks a lot, cheers...

  24. @ Tabitha... Thanks a lot :) Welcome to Technicolor Collage, cheers...

  25. @ Sumit... Glad to know it did put a smile out in the world. And yeah, kids do have this ability to make just about anybody smile! Funny how they can do that... hehe.


  26. @ Sumit... and yes, I've heard second hand that it's really bugging to cook for yourself. My friends had to do it for a year, and every time I spoke to him around 8.30ish, he would always sound so damn pissed about it! :D

  27. @ Arv... It's important to put some things before others, no doubt. Thanks a lot man... cheers...

  28. @ Netika... :) Nice to see that you liked it. What did you think about the change...?


  29. @ Mahesh... Maybe in a future story. You never really know...


  30. @ Niti... Sometimes, it's nice to be surprised, right? I wanted things to be a little bit different around here... probably that's why this story came out.

    And again, maybe in another story at another time, I'd write something like that...


  31. a simple nice story:)

  32. @ Kunjal... Thanks so much. Keep blogging, cheers...

  33. awwww.... :)


  34. oh..absolutely welcome.. I have never seen a pattern in your stories, but romance and allied have never been explored much. Which is something I messed also, coz you can narrate your stories well and that is precisely what it requires.

    Hope to see more of it coming. And soon :)

  35. @ Richa... Thanks :)

  36. @ Netika... Well, I'll try my hand at slightly romantic stories too, but then again, I have to warn you - I've never been very good at it. Never been able to work with that actually... hehe


  37. Choti si... pyaari si... story...

    Loved it.. koi complication nahi...koi darkness nahi... ek sweet sweet si kahaani...

    Loved it...

  38. I must be sounding so damn cliched already! Nonetheless, that *was* a sweet, lucid narration, mate!

    Peace. Have a nice day.

  39. Hey dude..

    My top post..widget is not working..

    i tried by getting signed in and getting code..

    Could u plz help me out in it...:)

  40. Well written.....lot of creativity

  41. @ Harshita... Hmm, didn't know you liked it when things are simple. I'll keep that in mind :) Cheers, and thanks...

  42. @ Kartz... Thanks a lot man. And don't worry about being cliched here man, 'coz every person brings something new to the cliche... however small it might be. Makes sense...?


  43. @ Mahesh... Mine's not working too. I've searched for a solution for it, haven't found it yet. Will let you know when I come across it... you do the same if you come across a solution too. Cheers...

  44. @ Pesto Sauce... Thanks a lot. Welcome to Technicolor Collage, have fun going through the stuff out here. Cheers...

  45. I love cooking and I so hate it when there isn't anybody around for words of praise. :-)
    and do you ever write about yourself?

  46. @ Utopia... Cooking when you're alone is really a very thankless job... why go to so much of effort, when you can be ok with something less time consuming or effort consuming... right? :P

    I've tried my hand at writing about myself once or twice, but it somehow never came out right. I think recently, I wrote two posts which were a bit personal... one of them being a tag. Check them out sometime, although I must warn you - I don't have that interesting a life :)

    Cheers, keep blogging...

  47. hmm.. food.. love.. love.. food.. food for love.. love for food. ;)
    cute/adorable/cliche/aww.. u got it all..
    This one was yummily nice.. :)
    more of an anecdote to be kept at the back of a diary.
    liked it ofcourse..
    especially coz my frame of mind has been revovling around "food" these days. ohh read my blog nd u shall knw..

  48. @ Riddhi... I noticed your affinity with Food in that comment... good thing actually, got a new viewpoint about it :P I'll be heading to your blog soon to see how your mind's been revolving around food :)

    Cheers, keep blogging... and happy ogling at food :P

  49. Very sweet :)

    I'd have thought the chap was having an affair!!!

  50. Cute.

  51. I've posted another night miracle on my blog :) hehe!
    Waiting for your new post!
    How have you been doing ?

  52. That was just shooooooooooooo shweeeet! :)
    I can't stop smiling!
    Loved the post!!:)

  53. Dude! You should start writing for Mills&Boon novels. You'd make a killing.
    Senti stuff is unfortunately wasted on me but now i sure as hell know who to turn to when a 'sudden need of romance' is required.

    Keep 'em coming. Will get to the rest of your posts once im done wid my exams.
    new post up at mine


  54. @ Ki... Why on earth would you have thought that?? :O

  55. @ Nikki... Thanks a lot, welcome to Technicolor Collage. Have fun, cheers...

  56. @ Cursed... I'll check it out asap. I've been doing good, office going on these days. Haven't really had time to think about the next post yet, but I'm hoping to get it done soon.


  57. @ akanksha... Thanks a lot. I think it was the first time I wrote something along these lines, dunno why though... hehe


  58. @ DPhatsez... M&B?? Honestly??? If you think that I can write for them, I'd seriously suggest that you read the previous stories out here. Something tells me you might change you PoV a little bit :P

    Cheers man...

  59. DAMN! was so hoping one or the other would be killed in the end :(
    arnab, enough sweet stuff. please please write another murder story. anyone can write a love story but noone can bring a psycopath to life as you can :)

  60. @ Little Girl Lost... That's exactly the kind of stereotype I want to avoid :) That's one of the reasons I wrote this particular tale.

    The upcoming story would be a bit different though, but you'll have to wait for it till Saturday :P Cheers...

  61. brilliant writing here!

    Sweet too :)


  62. @ Keshi... Thanks a lot. Glad that you enjoyed it, keep blogging...


  63. This is not how it would go!! No self respecting woman would tell him that way!!!

    Besides whats himanshyu's reaction? this left me open ended!!

    Anyhow you write well :D :D

    Infact more than well you write amazingly!!!

  64. @ Winnie the Poohi... Maybe she was an exception to that rule? :P

    About Himanshu's reaction... well, you can conjure up any reaction that you want. Have fun! Do tell me what you think what his reaction might have been too...

    Cheers... :)

  65. That was sweet :)

  66. @ Kido... Thank you :)

  67. Very cute post... It reminds me of BRU ad... very sweet :)

    I am new to ur blog...

  68. @ Sowmi... Hey, Thanks so much. And BRU ad? That's something new, I don't remember a Bru ad that ws similar to this one though...

    Thanks for visiting, welcome to Technicolor Collage :) Cheers...

  69. BRU AD :

    check out here... but ur story had a bit of fight rite. this ad is so interesting...

  70. @ Sowmi... I remember that ad now :) though ya, the story had a bit of fight in it. It was similar though... in some ways.


  71. I liked this one too :)

  72. @ Ping... Thanks a lot. Welcome to Technicolor Collage, do read the other stuff out here too.


  73. Awwwwww....sweeeeeeet!! :) :) :)

    Haha..I was totally expecting an irony at the end..you know, a twist in the tale..like it is with all your stories..and even after I'd read the last line, I read it again to make sure it did mean what I thought it meant the first time..LOL.. :P :P :P

    Shit...I've missed soooo much here..exams!! poor me!! :( :(

  74. @ Dr. Acula... Thanks a lot. I left out that twist in this story, I didn't really think it'd be good to change this particular one. Don't ask me why though :P

    You're among a long list of people who seem to enjoy the twists in the tale. That's why I somewhat brought 'em back in the next stories... somewhat, mind you! :D

    Go through them now, and don't worry... the stuff that you think you missed are still on the blog waiting to be read.

    Cheers, have fun... and I hope your exams went well :) Take care...