"See that Blade there?"

"Yeah, that's dad's used blade. What about it?"

"I've always wondered something."

"The reason why the blade is so cool?"

"And so efficiently deadly."

"Yeah. If I had a choice to be an object, I'd be a blade."

"Me, more like anything metallic."

"Like a sword?"

"More like an arrowhead. It's somehow deadlier."

"That's just how you look at it."

"I can talk about the most random things on earth, can't I?"

"Oh yes!"

"Wanna hear something else that's random?"

"The real meaning of Random?"

"Yup. I finally figured it out. It's when there is an equal probability of every topic under the sun to be chosen for discussion."

"So random means that right now, there is an equal probability of me talking about dinosaurs as there is to talking about disco lights."

"Or schizophrenia."

"Yeah." A pregnant pause, and then the conversation continued. "You think the schizophrenia I had is cured?"

From the other side of the door, his mother banged on the door and said, "Dev, stop talking to yourself and come downstairs. Breakfast's getting cold."


Many thanks to Juhi for the Awesome Award, and Phoenix for the Honest Scrap award. I'm really grateful guys, you rock! Cheers to you…


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  1. Hoping this time , i am the first to comment on it.
    Not that i really cared to do so, but just to show my interest towards what arnab writes... :)
    Hmmm ...good one..
    I don't really call this guys as psychos who just talk to self. I wondered many times, what could be their problem? Next time i visit any psychiatrist, i will ask the same.. :P
    Small is beautiful...felt as in i read a ad visually..

    keep writing arnab..:)

  2. its wonderful..

    stumbled upon while blog hopping!!
    good work dude!!

  3. again a brilliant fiction. :)

    what a story teller u r. :)

  4. soon will be falling short of adjectives :P
    an interesting one yet again!

  5. Woo hoo!! take a bow :P

    Very very crisp. Loved it. :)

    Also got reminded of the MR class. :P

    And oieeeeee!! CONGRATULATIONS for the awards man !!! :)


  6. @ Mahesh... That indeed was quick, didn't really expect such a prompt following. Thanks a lot man.

    Wanted to write something short for a change, and the fact that I somehow couldn't write much added to that... and the result was this.

    Glad you liked it man. Cheers...

  7. @ Richa... Welcome to Technicolor Collage. Thanks a lot for commenting, do read the other stuff out here as well.


  8. @ Preetilata... Thanks a lot. Like I've said before, I somehow find it a lot easier to write fiction. Make me write something about reality, and I'll be lost about what to write :D

    Cheers for sticking by... :)

  9. @ Ishi... I wouldn't mind one little bit if you recycled your adjectives, as long as you keep reading the stuff and provide your critique on them.

    Thanks a lot... Cheers...

  10. This is truly truly truly AWESOME. Mesmerizing, Captivating, a Master piece.. I am sure you get the point, so there isn't really a point quoting Oxford any further:)

    But really Arnab, I told you before, and I shall say it again.. I really respect for the way you write..And you know..coming from me that is a big thing ;);)..kidding..butyes I do appreciate your way of writing a lot.

    This was a different narration.. Nice

    If you ever chose not to write, kindly pay heed to my request, which shall be to ask you- NOT TO STOP!

  11. @ bondgal... :) The two bits of the idea had been chasing each other in my head for quite some time now, so I thought it'd be fun to get 'em out in the real world.

    And MR class how...?

    Thanks a lot, for the comments and the awards... Preetilata was kind enough to tell me how to put them up out here :P

  12. @ Netika... Thanks so much for those wonderful words. On my part, I'll try never to stop, because I just enjoy writing that much. In case I do however, especially 'coz of the Writer's Block I faced a few days back, please do suggest a few topics on which I can write via the widget on the blog :) I honestly don't wanna go through that again.. hehe

    Happy that you enjoyed the change in style of writing.

    On your part, I'd say... keep writing, you've got a wonderful way with words yourself.


  13. great work!! :)

    hey write something about you na please... its such a loss not knowing the author who pens down such good works of literature.. :) just a requst...

    and you deserve the award and much more!! :)

  14. @Richa
    Ab aa gayi ho blog pey toh jaana nahi... this guys is an awesome writer.

    @ Raka
    Yeah yeah!! We wanna knw this genius a bit more :)

    @ Arnab
    Another interesting story. You knw the best part abt you is that you are not a predictable author... u surprise and shock ppl at the same time with the fiction you write.

    I am your fan for life :)

  15. Arnab nowi hv no words for ur 'Vyakhya'..
    its amazing.. n stupendous..
    Applaud applaud...

    see harshita is fan of yours.. she is one of the gr8 writer.. she writes really wel i kwn her from ages...

    so its another awrd for uuu

    Hv fun n keep smiling...

  16. beautiful and unexpected ending..as usual.. never fails to surprise..
    good one!!

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  18. Speaks volumes about the way you think! Very well constructed!

  19. @ Arnab,
    yes i am going thru ur posts :D

    @ harshi
    yes babes, i have read two of his latest and i concur to tht :D

  20. wow dude... awesome story line and well narrated...

    definitely an eye opener for schizophrenia as well... loved it mate...

    have a nice Friday... cheers...

  21. @ Phoenix... I've tried writing something about myself too, been thinking about it ever since the post I made about my old blog and all. Thing is, whatever I write ends up taking a completely different direction that I want it to go, and the whole purpose is somewhat defeated. I think it's got something to do with my insatiable liking towards writing fiction :) The request has been considered, I'll write something about myself too... at least give it a shot, if nothing else. :P

    Thanks a lot... Cheers

  22. @ Harshita... I'm working on the post about myself a bit right now, still in the pipeline stage though... in fact, I just put it in the pipeline stage, while I was writing this reply... I hope it doesn't end up boring though, I don't have that exciting a life to be honest!

    Cheers for the inspiration :)

  23. @ Pallav... Dude, any comment you give is very graciously accepted man. I would never have been able to continue posting the stories I write here this regularly had it not been for readers like you.

    Cheers man... :)

  24. @ Niti... I'm happy the ending lived up to the expectation I had, and also that you liked it :D Thanks a ton, Cheers...

  25. @ Rakesh... Welcome to Technicolor Collage. Thanks for the comment, hope you like the other stuff as well.

    Cya around, Cheers.

  26. @ Richa... I really hope you like them too. Keep writing... Cheers.

  27. @ Arv... Thanks a lot man. I don't know exactly where I got this idea from, but it was somewhat inspired by Sidney Sheldon's Tell Me Your Dreams. I wonder what brought that novel back into my mind last night, and what compelled me to start writing along these lines...

    Thanks for reading man. Have a good weekend, Cheers.

  28. Damn dude! I never knew you wrote! very nicely done. I can't wait to read more!

  29. Would you look at the coincidence of that... even I stumbled across your blog just a while back, and I didn't know you wrote either! Even I can't wait to read through it, although it's gonna have to wait a bit... got a presentation tomorrow, so will read more from your blog tomorrow. Cheers man, have fun reading...

  30. Pleasure is always mine....

    n unfortunately u hv no choice.. u hv to accpet my comments gracialously :-)

    ha hahah...
    just kidding
    dnt mind


  31. we all do mirror talking but surely u put it in a nice way:)

  32. Another feather in your hat. Period.

    I liked the narration. You captured in beautifully; the way the character's mind works. The desultory dialogues. Typical of a schizophrenic...

    Tbh, the picture you added make me wonder if the character was speaking to himself.

    My take on Schizophrenia - The Schizophrenic

    How are your exams going on..? I wish you good luck.

    And congrats on your awards. Richly deserved.

    Peace. Have a nice weekend.

  33. @ Pallav... I don't mind in the least man :D and don't have that notion that I'm always gracious :P

    Now I'm kidding ;)


  34. @ Kunjal... Yeah, we all do talk to ourselves, and sometimes even out loud. Does that mean, there's a schizophrenic streak in all of us...?

  35. @ Kartz... Thanks a lot man.

    I like to keep things a bit irregular and abstract. Real life sometimes seems too real, and a sharp contrast is most welcome.

    The exams were on hold last week, got one coming up on Monday. Thanks for the luck, need it bigtime... as always :D

    Thanks about the awards too, I'm really happy to have recieved them too :)

    Have a nice weekend, Cheers...

  36. Hats off. Liked it even more than two empty cups talking. I like the subtlety with which you unleash the unexpected in last few lines. Keep the good work coming. Cheers!

  37. @ Jagjit... Thanks a lot man. I'm trying my best to keep writing, but the exams and the absence of good ideas hold me back... *sigh*

    Cheers :)

  38. haila...i loved the end... i was like :O
    too good...write more of such dark stuff....it's too good, seriously. hardly seen such good stuff on blogger world.
    congrats for the award....u deserve them :D \:D/

  39. @ Mads... Mighty glad that you liked it. I don't really know how those somewhat dark thoughts lingered on in my head. I used to think I'd lost that streak a long time ago. Still, good to see people appreciating it for what it is :)

    Thanks a ton for the awards, and do read more of the stuff out here. Cheers, take care...

  40. wow! I really like ur style.
    Makes me thingk.. schizophrenics have interesting lives na? :)

  41. @ Shruti... It'd be interesting to get a real insight into a schizophrenic's mind. And sometimes, I wonder how do we exactly draw the line between a normal person and a schizophrenic? What if someone is on really good terms with their different sides, so much so that for the outside world, nothing seems wrong... in that case, how would we know if that person's a schizophrenic or not? And from that logic, it also follows that theoretically, all of us have a schizophrenic streak in us... in some degree or the other...?

    I think too much sometimes :)

    Thanks for dropping by...

  42. Wow!! Blogrolled you!! You are just too good!

  43. @ Winnie the Poohi... Welcome to Technicolor Collage. Glad you liked the blog. Thanks for blogrolling :) Keep visiting, cheers...