Untrue Love

Standing alone at the side
I search for Satan's Bride
And as I stare into her eyes
I look for signs of Goodbyes
Venom from the fangs of her ophidian
Run through my veins, pushing me towards oblivion
In the nothingness I'm encased
By her I've been enslaved
I don't like living in the past tense
So senseless, it almost makes sense
Tears of blood now I weep
In the silence I try to sleep
I dont want to be murdered
Through this gate I've been ushered
The mystical mist that is the night
The benign smile that stamps a fright
The anger and wroth seeps deep within
Shadows of this night walk around unseen
The wrecked grin lights up her face
At her loss it shows her grace
I walk hand in hand with her
She steers me as if I'm a cur
I don't think I can take it anymore
Lust for this whore
But it seems to late to leave now
I've been marked for termination now
So I prepare myself to kill the one I love
Fall again as I have done before...

© 2004 Arnab Majumdar

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