My life used to be all Black and White
But since you came
It's become colour- coded
Since you came into my life
I've been walking on Clouds
Especially on Cloud # 9
Plans of coming down
They don't exist as of now
These blissful Dreams of mine
Help me to live out my life
Think of you when I'm awake
Dream of you when I'm asleep
Dunno if I'm awake
Or am still dreaming
Guess it doesn't matter
Your face enchants me
Your voice beckons me
To join you in this bewitched forest
A place where dreams come true
A place for lovers
Like me and you...

© 2004 Arnab Majumdar

2 comments :: Vignette

  1. Simple and Beautiful for your lady love :)

  2. @ Sowmi... Hmm... probably ;)