Blade of Honour

Perfidy follows me around
It seems to be my only friend
I wonder why, I wonder why
I scream and shout as children cry
Silhouetted against your sorrows
Are the fears and horrors of my past
I rest my head on your shoulder
Hoping against hope
That you won't shy away
Leave me here forever to stay
To feast on my darkest hours
To become the nothing
That I used to be
I need to be awake
I need to be free
Free from the hatred
That begins to haunt me
I've been stabbed in the back
I stagger from the wounds
My Calamitous Blood flows down the night
Staining the floor
Of the forgotten corridor
The doors have been closed
The keys have been lost
My soul is now doomed
It's place taken by
The Deathly Blade Of Honour
It craves to kill
My hands tremble with the thrill
To commit the sin of my Dreams
Ressurect myself from the ashes
To become one with
My Blade of Honour

© 2004 Arnab Majumdar

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