Seeking Darkness

Searching for the bright side of Darkness
The Nightmares become my dreams
In this sanguinary world
I stifle those silent screams
Empty threats and Hollow promises
Make the most of my day
To God I sit and implore
but I reckon
He's not here to stay
I wonder if it's safe to venture
Out in the hostile land
where Mortar Shells have been addressed
To every Woman
And every Man
My life has always been
An Unbalanced equation
An Unfinished tale
I lack the grits to remove
Those taints that haunt me
Those blemishes that Taunt me
Seems like lady luck
is really a hooker
and I'm just a poor boy
Freshly out of cash
Couldn't buy her
Couldn't please her
The Floor becomes a vortex of Green
I spill my Blood and Spleen
I envy the Saints and the Paragons
But as I walk on, I realize
I'm so bad, I'm almost good
And the Saints are all Dead and Gone...

© 2004 Arnab Majumdar

2 comments :: Seeking Darkness

  1. as your profile says you are stupidly optimistic, this poem's first line "Searching for the bright side of Darkness" says u are optimistic :)

  2. @ Sowmi... Now you know why I wrote what I wrote in the profile :)