Just Another Mortal

Blueprint of my screams
Pave the way to my dreams
The streams twist and turn
Douse the flames as my body burns
The trees sway in delight
As they get a clear insight
Into the perilous me
See me as they never could see
The Noise feeds my Brain
Can't get enough of the strain
Half truths fill my Half Life
Cuts me clean as a knife
I scratch myself till I bleed
It's the hunger that I feed
The pretty smile on your face
My life becomes a perpetual haze
As I hang from the threads of life
My instincts rage on a strife
My body screaming in protest
My lungs long for the harvest
The stupor is a punch in the stomach
It knocks the wind out of me
As I try to gather my wits
I feel as I'm falling down the pits
A place where I don't wanna be
A place not meant for me
Am I condemned to stay here forever?
Lose myself forever?
My destiny was in my hands
But seems I threw it all away
Just 'coz I had been a bonehead
A mortal who could never sway...

© 2004 Arnab Majumdar

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