A New Dawn

The Silence screams at the receding light
Saying its goodbyes to the Aurora
As the darkness settles around me
The gentle peace fills my mind
Carries me away from these reveries
Ensconces me to my doom
I hide in the dark
I hide from the truth
'coz I know the truth hurts
But I must go on
I must walk on
Its not fair to be scared anymore
The pain must be washed away
With these thoughts in my mind
I welcome the new day
As the first rays hit the earth
Anxiety jolts my body
But I know I'll be fine
Because I know I have faith...

© 2004 Arnab Majumdar

2 comments :: A New Dawn

  1. Good that you're ready to go on with life and I like your optimism of being fine and also your faith :)

  2. @ Sowmi... :) It's very important to keep that faith, don't you think?