A Sucky Day Smiles

Morning 6:30 AM, the alarm clock screams into his ears. With a jerk, he was pulled unwillingly from the wonderful dream that he was enjoying. It starred his darling angel after all, and he had the front row seats to it – but sadly, life had something else in store for him.

A sucky day awaited him.

The after sleep grogginess accompanied him as he got out of the bed, and that's when he got the first taste of the sucky day that was waiting for him. No water in the early morning, his whiny dog whining, while he was in the loo trying to make do with the little water that he had, and a little cockroach in his breakfast. All in all, by the time he was getting out of the house, he wasn't really in the best of his moods.

The Day chuckled gently.

Reaching college, he found that the first class was that of his least favourite teacher. It's said that teachers are fair, but he was sure that his professor hated him, for some reason. Thus, it wasn't a surprise that he had to endure a ten minute diatribe about time management, all because he was ten minutes late. He was so irritated that he couldn't even spot the subtle irony of the situation.

The Day kept smirking at him.

Wading through one boring class after another, he almost fell asleep in the class. The sleep in the class however, is never as comfortable or as desirable as the one he knew he could have enjoyed had he stayed at home. He fought valiantly to keep his eyes open, but his mind just wouldn't listen to him. Finally, mind won over body, and his head slid on the desk. Before he knew it, he was sleeping, right in the middle of the class. As luck would have it – since it was a sucky day for him – the professor noticed. The professor, already on a short temper, having shouted at him for being late, was quick to throw him out of the class.

"Don't come to my classes for the next four days now!" he screamed, as he slouched away, thinking who he had offended to deserve all this.

And a little laugh escaped from the Day's mouth, but he was quick to stifle it. He didn't want him to hear it after all.

After the grueling day, it was finally the time to go back home. It was at this time that his Darling Angel called up, and she seemed quite bugged about something too. She was mad at him, for not having called him up the whole day. He tried to tell her how his day had gone by, but she wasn't ready to listen to his excuses. They fought, and by the time he hung up, he was quite pissed off with life. His troubles were far from over, when he found that because of the pointless argument, he had missed the bus, which meant that he would have to wait for twenty minutes for the next bus to come along.

The Day couldn't help but laugh out loud when it saw the irritation in his eyes, especially as he wondered what happened to him all through the day. The Day was somewhat satisfied to see that he still couldn't figure it out.

Finally, he reached home, and threw his bag into the far corner as always. Accompanied by that strong cup of coffee that he needed in order to sort out his messed up nerves, he ventured out into the virtual world. As he did so, he paused for a moment, steeling himself for the adversities that he felt sure he would feel there as well.

The Day smiled at him, and this time, it was quite a genuine smile.

As he logged on to his blog, he saw the wonderful comments that his readers had left for him. Readers from all over the country, and some even from across the borders. Readers who all told him a common thing – "thank you for bringing us into the wonderful world that you weave, all with just a few words."

And so, he was finally able to smile along with the Day.


Bloggers Unite hosts the Blog Reader Appreciation Day today, and in keeping with that event, this post was my way to say Thank You to the many readers I've acquired over the last few months. I've never been a serious blogger, but when I saw the wonderful appreciation that has come my way, all thanks to you guys, it's made me stick to the blog a lot more than I used to in the past.

Thanks to all of you J.

Just another point, this post is somewhat a mix between truth and fiction. Which is what, however, is not really important… yet.

Cheers to all of you!


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  1. And with an ardent follower like me, it shall be difficult for you to leave blogging(or am I assuming too much, let it be)..

    Now getting to the story.. I felt the story was rushing.. I mean, usually I can feel the emotions of your protagonists but this time I could not really feel it.. May be, coz it seemed too real and relatable to me.. I like the fantasy world that I go into on reading your stories.. BUT, this certainly doesn't mean I didn't enjoy it.. Just that I could see myself or for that matter so many other people in it..

    See, I've begun giving serious criticism also :P,,but don't take it as that..take it as an opinion.. And you need not keep this in mind in future when you write your stories, it will ruin the purity..

    Take Care

  2. @ Netika... I know it's going to be very tough for me to leave the blogging world, now that I've come to know so many people like you out here... not that I'm thinking of quitting or anything of course! :) I'm really glad I took to putting up the stories out here...

    I'm really glad about the criticism that you've put forth. Somehow, it felt good to know that you could relate to the story. I didn't want the story to be hurried though, wonder how that happened :D It is a story with which many people would be able to relate to, as we've all gone through some really bad days, right? I know I have... hehe.

    Cheers, and take care. Keep blogging... and Thanks a lot for being a part of this world.

  3. the story was fine, but the message was sweet ..& that it what counts! bloggin has definitely made sharin our world, with the rest of the world very easy.. gotten us in touch with people we don't even knw! sharin experiences, thoughts and sometimes bringing about action too.. it has changed our lives in a way. this post was def a nice tribute to d bloggin world..:) cheers!

  4. @ Aastha... I saw this event due to happen on Bloggers Unite, and just thought of taking part in it. Nice to know you liked it. Felt apt too, for it's the wonderful comments from the readers that makes me wanna write more, and post more out here.

    Thanks for dropping by here, and for commenting out here too. Cheers...

  5. As long as it smiles the day cannot be sucky at all!

  6. oh well... let me put it this way. if you are good, peeps will appreciate you!! so, folks come around coz u r good. its dat simple!! :)
    so, give urself a pat on the back... n grab a chilled drink!! :)

  7. but arnab i liked your previous template better :P y d change? for a change kya??

  8. neat!!

    i hope you dont leave blogging though... :(

    :d im sure you wont...

    i like this template better... :) its rather soothing.. :)

  9. Thanks for participating in Blog Reader Appreciation Day!

  10. Dude... this is more than fiction...

    just the way I feel everyday... especially more on days when life becomes a real B&^*^.

    Thank you :)

    have a nice day mate... cheers...

  11. blogging has become a part of my life... so true in many people's lives.... good bro

  12. hey Arnab......that was a nice story, u sure had a sucky day.....oops that was ur story right!!!
    BTW nice blog, will go thru rest of the entries slowly.

  13. Finally, that didn't across as pure fiction.. this one wasn't completely detached or isolated..nice reading..

    n btw.. the most screwed up life is at times divine intervention too.. :)..just smile back at the day..:)

  14. Hi Arnab..
    When i was reading .. it thougt this going to be another fiction...
    but as soon as i was abt to finish.. i gussed it wud be something related to u...

    I really must appreciate ur concern for the same.....
    hv a wonderful day ahead..
    keep blogging...
    Cheers Man
    Pallav :)

  15. wow..
    (isnt it always the first word of my comment??) :P

    we all have somewhat similar days, i too had a real bad day few days back, only difference being, i dont go to college anymore.. :D

    but here, i totally second u. the wonderful comments of the readers do make all the things disappear and make us smile :)

    n on tht note, thank you for allt he smiles u brought me.. =)

  16. hmmmm.....can't read now...m in a hurry...
    btw ur old layout was better!!

  17. Great post!! :D :D

    It is funny..how people you don't really know..can cheer you up better than those very close to you sometimes..I speak for myself!

    And great new template..much more soothing to the eyes!

  18. Hehe, remember - all's well that ends well. :) Yes, those comments have the power to cheer up any bad hair day. And your blog is among one of my favorites. So thank you once again. Keep it up. :) Cheers.

  19. Oieee...that was like a page straight outta my daily diary. :D

    Wonderful post Arnab. And well you are welcome. :P ;)

    Totally agree with Siya's comment up there. :)


    P.S. Sorry for being late to comment. Was in a strange mood. (Almost as always) ;)

    P.P.S. I vote for the previous template. Hmmmppphhh.

  20. Well dude, I think everyone can relate to that - no one here would ve started off thinking they'll make it big at blogsville. So, the pleasure is mutual. Good to have you around!

    And as far as the [otherwise] sucky day - ummm, c'est la vie!

    Keep the faith.

    Peace. Be well.

  21. Oh... And shubho nobo borsho to you and yours...


  22. Hi Arnab...Kaise ho?
    Yeh sawaal kabhi maine pucha nahi..aaj mann kiya aur puch liya...
    zara hamein bhi bataiyo...:)

    Story was perfect for this event yaar..

    I dont think any othr story could be best for this for this event..
    I am dead sure ki every blogger can relate with this story very well..

    Simply innovative it is....Atleast the end part really was....

    Why all of a sudden you changed your blog template ? Because i implemented a similar kind as yours?? pata nahi...

    But this template is also nice... achche se suit ho raha hai....
    Right now i am in love with black, if i change my mind...i will cahnge mine too :P

  23. Sorry for the typos... But you always make out the right meanings..:P

  24. @ Winnie the poohi... Amen to that! You're absolutely right - 'coz here too, at the end of the Day, things did turn out great. Probably not in the same way as expected, but they do :)

    Cheers, and thanks for the comment... take care

  25. @ Sumit... Thanks a lot man. And I wish I really could grab that chilled drink right now, especially in the damn untolerable heat that's come down on us all of a sudden!

    Cheers, keep reading and writing. Will browse through your blog soon as well, as soon as I sort out a few things...

  26. @ aastha... Two reasons for changing the template. Firstly, the posts used to appear only in one narrow column, while the rest of the page was blank. That bugged me. Secondly, I got a bit bored with Black, and thinking of not-black made me think of white - and so this template :)

    I hope you like this one too... not comparatively speaking of course :D


  27. @ Phoenix... Thanks :) I'm gonna try my best to keep at it, especially when I know other bloggers like you keep dropping by out here.

    Cheers to you :D

  28. @ Robin... The pleasure was mine. Welcome to Technicolor Collage.


  29. @ Arv... Well, it is somewhat a mix between Fact and Fiction. Like there was a line in Animatrix, there's some truth in the fiction, and some fiction in the truth.

    Cheers man, thanks for sticking by ;)

  30. @ Chriz... It's very true for a lot of people, me included. Never thought it would be like this even a few months back actually.

    Welcome to Technicolor Collage, cheers...

  31. @ Aruna... Thanks a lot. It wasn't entirely true - some bits were inspired by my life, while some from other peoples. Let's leave that at that :D

    Thanks for dropping by, cheers...

  32. @ Niti... I'm glad you see it that way. Also, it feels good to smile back at a sucky day, 'coz you somewhat know that someone up there's having a quiet laugh at your expense as well. Might as well enjoy the joke that's been played on ya ;)


  33. @ Pallav... I hope you do know that it wasn't all me. Only some, my man. :)

    Thanks for the comments man, and keep visiting and writing. Cheers...

  34. @ Richa... I'm not really complaining about that word. I'm a big fan too :D

    This story isn't based on the present actually, it's more about stuff that happened in the past, and stuff that happened to some people, and of course, stuff that just floated into my head from someplace else.

    I've been having that wonderful feeling ever since I'm going through the many comments I've got here... couldn't stop myself from replying to them.

    Take care, cheers, and keep blogging.

  35. @ Blue Eyed Soul... You'll be coming back, right?? :P

    Sorry about the old template, got bored with the black. I do get bored with stuff like this quite easily it seems... hehe

  36. @ Siya... I really know what you mean there. It feels really good when people who you don't know tell you something good, 'coz you know it's gonna be unbiased.

    *Thanks to Somebody for making me realize that :P*

    Cheers... keep blogging, and glad you like the change in the template. :D

  37. @ Jagjit... Oh yes man, all's really well that ends well. And, this one sure did, right?

    Good to see you back here, like always. Keep blogging man, 'coz I enjoy your blog too. Cheers...

  38. @ Bondgal... It's a page outta almost everyone's diary, but then again - you never know, you might have helped in the inspirational bit of it too :P

    P.S. I hope that strange mood's history now...? :)

    P.P.S. I can see how much trouble you have accepting change :P hehehehe

  39. @ Kartz... I know man, which is why it feels so good out here in blogsville... and dude, I used to think I'm a big fan of French, but turns out that I'm not really great shakes at it. At least not in class where I'm studying it. I think Isha knows the way I used to pronounce whatever you said back there, till like a few days back... exactly the way it's written, that's how I used to say it! :D

    Hope my french gets better, and fast... cheers to that thought :D

  40. @ Kartz... Same to you :)

  41. @ Mahesh... I'm good man, been away from the blogging world for some reasons though. Haven't been able to sort that stuff up yet, so might not be regular out here even now, hope you don't really mind that bit all that much.

    Thanks a lot about the story, and thanks to you for sticking with the blog.

    I got bored with Black, and this one was somehow easier to look at. Hence the change.

    Cheers man, keep blogging...

  42. @ Mahesh... Yeah, I've gotten into the hang of weird typos... :D

  43. lol... take your sweet time mate!! am not at all a regular blogger. and just another regular guy... :)

  44. Arnab, you rock!! :) and you know that.

    We love your writing.

  45. nice semi-fiction story:)
    i think this template is much more eye friendly as compared to your earlier template:)
    and as you have mentioned that this is a reader appreciation day I take this an opportunity to THANK YOU for adding my blog in your list:)

  46. Thank you for blogging ! You brighten our days with the yarns that you weave ...
    You've inspired me to get off my backside and do something creative about my poor neglected blog !

  47. I'm sure I'd have MORE than helped. :D

    Oh yes!! It sure is !! :) (the smileys tell for themselves, don't they?) ;)

    Uh, well, no comments. :P

    And I wonder who that somebody is. :P

    @ Karthik - You have NO idea! Arnab's pronounciation of c'est la vie >>> Sest la We A. ROFL :D

  48. Hey, nice post, I liked it :)
    Some days do really suck and your personification of DAY, wow, wonderful :)
    Yeah, blogging is really hard to leave, even though I am quite new here :P :)

  49. haha.. the pleasure's all our's... wonderful post must say... life has its lil mercies... which make it beautiful.. i look forward to them more than the bigger ones...

  50. @ Sumit... I wish I don't take all that time dude, I don't like to stay away so much from the blogging world to be honest...


  51. @ Harshita... Thanks so much :) Cheers, keep blogging... take care

  52. @ Ruch... Thanks a lot, for sticking by, and the wonderful comments you've left here. And it's been a while since we've seen a new blog post on your space, so yes it'd be a good thing if you do write something out there :)

    Cheers, take care...

  53. @ Bondgal... Yes, you WOULD be sure of that! :D

    And, it's great to know that the phase is really over, and you're back :)

    Like I said, that Somebody is the same Somebody who doesn't like to take a shower on Sundays :P hehehehe

    And as far as the french goes, in my defence... I'm trying! It's just taking longer than I thought it would, that's all... hehe


  54. @ Diya... Thanks a lot. Glad you enjoyed the personification. Some days are so much better than the others...

    Welcome to Technicolor Collage, see ya around. Cheers, take care...

  55. @ Swayam... Life surely throws a lot of things in our path, and ultimately it's upto us to make the best out of the good things that come our way. It's really not that hard to be happy.

    Cheers, take care, and keep blogging...

  56. @ Kunjal... Well, I got a lot of requests to write about myself for a change, so I thought it'd be fun to do this...

    Glad you liked the change in the template. Even I thought the blog was a lot more readable like this, rather than the way it was before. That's one reason I changed the template in the first place.

    You're most welcome for the BlogRoll thing. Keep writing, cheers :)

  57. As if having that tattooed wasn't enough that you had to put it in writing here!!! Ughhhhh !!!

  58. Awwwwwwwwwwww those silly fights :P
    Btw, Nice post.Its great u acknowledged your readers...felt nice :-)
    I loved your old template so much :( and i m kind of missing it here.Change kyu kiya?

  59. @ Bondgal... Hehehe... I couldn't resist somehow. :D

  60. @ akanksha... Thanks a lot :) Felt good to be doing that as well, so it's a good thing that Bloggers United hosted that event.

    Changed the template for quite a few reasons actually. Firstly, the concept of just one concept running down the middle of the page, while two sides of the blog were blank wasn't something that I quite liked. Also, I was a bit bored with Black, so wanted something to contrast it. And, somehow I find that this makes the blog a bit easier to read :)