The One

The wind flies all around me
Lifting my hair, setting my soul free
The sun rays set the leaves on fire
It's the feeling that takes me higher

Scan the horizon to find
The Island of your lost dreams
The moonlight caresses your skin
As you listen to the gurgle of streams

The dove circles over my head
Messenger Boy from Heaven
Inviting me to Paradise
Through the pearly gates

But my Eden is on earth
When I have you by my side
Don't ever leave me here
'Coz I've forgotten how to say goodbye...

© 2005 Arnab Majumdar

Nascence Of The Twilight

Drink some water
Empty the barrel
Pump in some bullets
And make it look floral
Shed the skin
Inherited from the snake
'Coz we're in the biz
Of give and take
The hands that shake
Tremble before making the break
Run away when you hear gun shots
Because the night becomes too hot
Sleep no more, stay awake
Whatever may be at stake
'Coz in the darkness, evil strikes
Giving you a tender little lovebite
The graveyard is infested
By spooks who've been berated
And they croud around you
Thoughtfully crying out "Boo"
Take me home now
To you now I bow
My Monsters at home must be hungry
Got to feed them, so they don't get angry
The flimsy missies all wait for a ride
To get in they scratch and bite
So, you see, the night has just begun
Care to join me, and join the fun?

© 2004 Arnab Majumdar

The Wild Tranquility

The gentle murmur
Of the divine brook
The feel of dew soaked grass
Gnarled branches that capture a look

An Eagle soars over my head
Guardian Angel for me
Guiding me through
Through the wild tranquility

The mountains loom ahead of me
Seems like they're calling out to me
The chirping of the birds
Squirrels playing hide and seek

The sun falls filtered through the trees
Covering the ground with countless diamonds

I reach out for you
Lend me your hand
And join me here
In this Wild Tranquility

© 2005 Arnab Majumdar


I'm scared to die
Wish I wasn't born at all
And as my life rolls away
I'm hit by the penetrating ray
Look what you've done now
This time I won't take the bow
Fall for you as I always did
I'll claim the prize in the next bid
I find myself in loneliness
In it I look for solace and bliss

I'm scared to die
I swear I dont lie
I dont wanna live
Take away this life that you give
Got a one way ticket to hell
For me tolls the bell
A whiff of winter air
The chill that comes with your stare
The darkness becomes you
In the night's changing hue

© 2004 Arnab Majumdar

Untrue Love

Standing alone at the side
I search for Satan's Bride
And as I stare into her eyes
I look for signs of Goodbyes
Venom from the fangs of her ophidian
Run through my veins, pushing me towards oblivion
In the nothingness I'm encased
By her I've been enslaved
I don't like living in the past tense
So senseless, it almost makes sense
Tears of blood now I weep
In the silence I try to sleep
I dont want to be murdered
Through this gate I've been ushered
The mystical mist that is the night
The benign smile that stamps a fright
The anger and wroth seeps deep within
Shadows of this night walk around unseen
The wrecked grin lights up her face
At her loss it shows her grace
I walk hand in hand with her
She steers me as if I'm a cur
I don't think I can take it anymore
Lust for this whore
But it seems to late to leave now
I've been marked for termination now
So I prepare myself to kill the one I love
Fall again as I have done before...

© 2004 Arnab Majumdar

Just Another Mortal

Blueprint of my screams
Pave the way to my dreams
The streams twist and turn
Douse the flames as my body burns
The trees sway in delight
As they get a clear insight
Into the perilous me
See me as they never could see
The Noise feeds my Brain
Can't get enough of the strain
Half truths fill my Half Life
Cuts me clean as a knife
I scratch myself till I bleed
It's the hunger that I feed
The pretty smile on your face
My life becomes a perpetual haze
As I hang from the threads of life
My instincts rage on a strife
My body screaming in protest
My lungs long for the harvest
The stupor is a punch in the stomach
It knocks the wind out of me
As I try to gather my wits
I feel as I'm falling down the pits
A place where I don't wanna be
A place not meant for me
Am I condemned to stay here forever?
Lose myself forever?
My destiny was in my hands
But seems I threw it all away
Just 'coz I had been a bonehead
A mortal who could never sway...

© 2004 Arnab Majumdar


Rise and shine
For the glory is thine
Welcome to one and all
This is my Haven
My world
My realm
My fantasy
My reality
I might be God down here
But I might need someone near
Someone to keep me away from peril
To keep me safe from the uncouth Devil
It's a weird feeling
Thrilling as well as chilling
Could you be here with me?
Stay with me, till I'm free?
My hands tremble and shake
As this oath I take
My voice quivers
My heart flutters
The flames eat my brain
I am trampled beneath the train
I seem to be torn from limb to limb
Abandoned and left alone
The needles in me are wanted no more
I had It all in me
But then I scared It, and It left
I long to be the me I was
Good at everything, and highly deft
But I know that's just wishful thinking
The stars above me are still blinking
O, cherubic child, be scared no more
There's no one who can score
The demons you're scared of are dead
The prices for their lives have been paid
So goodnight, sleep tight, little one
Dream your dreams as long as you can...

© 2004 Arnab Majumdar

Pawing At Your Fears

Iron Claw...
Encased in a velvet glove
Leading me down to the core
Where you await me, my love
Little child, cry no more
Be afraid no more
It's time to wipe your tears for good
I'll wait with you, hand in hand
Wait for the Day of Reckoning...

© 2004 Arnab Majumdar

Blade of Honour

Perfidy follows me around
It seems to be my only friend
I wonder why, I wonder why
I scream and shout as children cry
Silhouetted against your sorrows
Are the fears and horrors of my past
I rest my head on your shoulder
Hoping against hope
That you won't shy away
Leave me here forever to stay
To feast on my darkest hours
To become the nothing
That I used to be
I need to be awake
I need to be free
Free from the hatred
That begins to haunt me
I've been stabbed in the back
I stagger from the wounds
My Calamitous Blood flows down the night
Staining the floor
Of the forgotten corridor
The doors have been closed
The keys have been lost
My soul is now doomed
It's place taken by
The Deathly Blade Of Honour
It craves to kill
My hands tremble with the thrill
To commit the sin of my Dreams
Ressurect myself from the ashes
To become one with
My Blade of Honour

© 2004 Arnab Majumdar

Threads Are The Days

The marionettes all fall to the ground
As they hear the Unholy Sound
This seems to be the Devil's Threshold
Corridors of Dark Power, in the Hell's Motel
I can reach out and touch the Evil
It's like a pungent smell in the air
A whisper, a swish of cold, demonic breeze
The cackle to raise your hair
New Age born with a Whimper
My sobs mingled with a Simper
Old Nick smiles at me
Watches me through his mask
I'm not sure whether I can last the night
I savour the wait, this lustful task
The threads of the puppets
Have been cut now
Don't think I'm controlled anymore
It is I who has the control now
The Demons clutter my path
Block my way
Salvation is what I want
Free me of my sins today
But I have been denied again
This pearly throne of felicity
Seems like I am trapped forever
Trapped at this Pinnacle of Infinity

© 2004 Arnab Majumdar

Why Me

My Life seems to be leading
Down the road that leads to nowhere
But I wonder halfway down
Will my Demise really set me free?
Will Death give me the freedom
To be the real me?
All Hell is about to be let loose
But I don't wanna be a part of it
A simple thing blown into mammoth proportions
Everything seems to be falling to pieces
Dunno what I'm supposed to do
What I'm supposed to say
I walk around the room, wondering
What part am I supposed to play?
They say that Right always wins over Wrong
But what happens when the Right goes Wrong?
Which side does God Take, I wonder
And what role does Lucifer play
Will someone please help me?
Will someone please set me free?
These thoughts fight in my brain
They struggle to burst through my skull
They leave a gaping hole in my soul
A hole that can be seen on my face
The scavengers swarm in for the feast
They feed on the dying me
As my eyes begin to shut
The last thing I can think is
"Why, oh God, Why Me?"

© 2004 Arnab Majumdar

Pinpricks For My Soul

Why search for a pin in a haystack
When all a pin does is prick
'Coz I don't wanna be your voodoo doll no more
Nobody's hide is that thick
All my dreams have got a new bad habit
They turn sour the moment I look away
That's when my demons are let loose
Dunno till when I'll be able to hold them at bay
Sometimes on a dark, dreary night
I sit and think "What's this life for?"
But if my life has no real purpose
Is death truly that much better?
The echoes of my nightmares
Reverberate through the room
Ricochet in my head
Like the pinpricks that I try to avoid
But I get caught in this turmoil
Just can't escape these nightmares
My life becomes a perpetual Roller Coaster ride
Where I'm the only one to be trapped on it
I hope to buy more time from the Devil
But I don't think he's selling any
Can't get out of this hellhole
So now I'm saying my last goodbyes..

© 2004 Arnab Majumdar

A New Dawn

The Silence screams at the receding light
Saying its goodbyes to the Aurora
As the darkness settles around me
The gentle peace fills my mind
Carries me away from these reveries
Ensconces me to my doom
I hide in the dark
I hide from the truth
'coz I know the truth hurts
But I must go on
I must walk on
Its not fair to be scared anymore
The pain must be washed away
With these thoughts in my mind
I welcome the new day
As the first rays hit the earth
Anxiety jolts my body
But I know I'll be fine
Because I know I have faith...

© 2004 Arnab Majumdar

My Friend The Dusk

The sorrows hung around my neck
Like the wreath of rue
Reflected in my haunted eyes
Is my life's changing hue
In my dreams I fly
I soar as an angel, so high
I don't know about angels,
It's fear that gives men wings
Trapped in this prison of desire
I crave for undesirable things
I die every day
It seems to be
The penance that I must pay
As the Nox trudges on
Sleepily singing her hollow song
I feel intoxicated
By the poison that is the night
I am scared of the stuns
That comes with the morning light
So in the darkness I must dwell
Find my home in this hell...

© 2004 Arnab Majumdar

Broken Orbs of Dreams

My dreams lay shattered
My mind in tourmoil
Can't see straight
Can't think sense
Seems like I've been shot
Shot straight through the heart
The blood drips down my wound
Like the hate dripping down my face
I care for her
but does the world care for us?
She's been scarred
An ugly reminder of the wrongs
That she's been through
It follows her around
As a faithful dog
But there's nothing faithful in this
Just a promise to bring her suffering
To laugh at her spite
Sucking her dry
It jests at this lament
It dances to her misery
It feasts on her sorrows
Making her forever jittery
She dwells on her nightmares
Like the incubus that dwells on her
Waiting to sire his child
Beget the demons within...

© 2004 Arnab Majumdar


My life used to be all Black and White
But since you came
It's become colour- coded
Since you came into my life
I've been walking on Clouds
Especially on Cloud # 9
Plans of coming down
They don't exist as of now
These blissful Dreams of mine
Help me to live out my life
Think of you when I'm awake
Dream of you when I'm asleep
Dunno if I'm awake
Or am still dreaming
Guess it doesn't matter
Your face enchants me
Your voice beckons me
To join you in this bewitched forest
A place where dreams come true
A place for lovers
Like me and you...

© 2004 Arnab Majumdar

Seeking Darkness

Searching for the bright side of Darkness
The Nightmares become my dreams
In this sanguinary world
I stifle those silent screams
Empty threats and Hollow promises
Make the most of my day
To God I sit and implore
but I reckon
He's not here to stay
I wonder if it's safe to venture
Out in the hostile land
where Mortar Shells have been addressed
To every Woman
And every Man
My life has always been
An Unbalanced equation
An Unfinished tale
I lack the grits to remove
Those taints that haunt me
Those blemishes that Taunt me
Seems like lady luck
is really a hooker
and I'm just a poor boy
Freshly out of cash
Couldn't buy her
Couldn't please her
The Floor becomes a vortex of Green
I spill my Blood and Spleen
I envy the Saints and the Paragons
But as I walk on, I realize
I'm so bad, I'm almost good
And the Saints are all Dead and Gone...

© 2004 Arnab Majumdar


I am trapped
In the dungeon
Of hatred

Angelic Vengeance
Ensnared inside of me
Like a bludgeon
My finest weapon

I had been robed
In the satiny apparel of denial
The deceit clinging to my heart
Lucifer becomes my pal

I now awake
Still the beast I was
The colossal behemoth of your fears
waiting for all these years

I yearn for the encounter
that waits as the lustrous dagger
to drink your vitriolic blood
quench my thirst

Your demise will bring my salvation
I long for your redemption
Let go of the hate
lift the weight off my chest...

© 2004 Arnab Majumdar

Blazing Rhapsody

The searching flame
Imprisoned in your eyes
Like embers
In a dying fire
My funeral pyre
I fall
And dream...

© 1998 Arnab Majumdar
The next few posts are going to be some poems that I had written a long time ago... and which I found again, just a few days back... thought they would fit in here, I hope they do...

Once Upon A Time...

Once upon a time, it rained
The music on the guitar was strained
Little bombs of water from Heaven
Six, or was it Seven...
The water climbed up to the door
Patiently waiting, a little while more
Then it stretched out and knocked
Touched wood, seeped through rock
The middle of the night when the world slept
Once upon a time, when the skies wept...