Rise and shine
For the glory is thine
Welcome to one and all
This is my Haven
My world
My realm
My fantasy
My reality
I might be God down here
But I might need someone near
Someone to keep me away from peril
To keep me safe from the uncouth Devil
It's a weird feeling
Thrilling as well as chilling
Could you be here with me?
Stay with me, till I'm free?
My hands tremble and shake
As this oath I take
My voice quivers
My heart flutters
The flames eat my brain
I am trampled beneath the train
I seem to be torn from limb to limb
Abandoned and left alone
The needles in me are wanted no more
I had It all in me
But then I scared It, and It left
I long to be the me I was
Good at everything, and highly deft
But I know that's just wishful thinking
The stars above me are still blinking
O, cherubic child, be scared no more
There's no one who can score
The demons you're scared of are dead
The prices for their lives have been paid
So goodnight, sleep tight, little one
Dream your dreams as long as you can...

© 2004 Arnab Majumdar

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