A “Real” Blog Post

Maybe a Blog, in some ways, should reflect the kind of stuff that I'm thinking at the moment.

Maybe a Blog should, sometimes, be a little more about me, rather than made-up stuff. Things have changed manifold; I never thought three years ago was such a helluva long time.

This post was inspired by two things that happened almost simultaneously. First, I wanted to write a story (as always), and had the perfect idea for it too – but somehow I couldn't put the story in words. Frustrated, I went online, and that's when a friend suggested that I write something about myself for a change, and in her words, something for myself. On my part, I think it's quite a boring topic to be writing about – honestly, I'm quite a normal guy, living a very normal life.

Second, while online, I stumbled across the blog that I used to write on about three years back. I had completely forgotten the existence of that blog, but the sight of that page jogged a lot of memories. Hence, this post.

A little while back, I said something about a blog being composed of things more than what is made-up. There was a time when I used to write only the non-made-up things, which is something that I can't really relate to right now. I mean, forget writing things about myself in the blog; I don't think I've written anything but fiction in my diary also for a really long time now, more than three years to be precise. However, in the viewpoint of the 2006 me, "I don't want to write about people I make up, and about the problems these made up people face, day after day, in their own fictitious world…"

This is probably what our FHRM lecturer meant when she was talking about change. Tonight, I found out that change somehow does creep up quietly from behind you, and alters your world, so gradually, that you hardly notice that change sometimes.

One line still holds totally true from that old blog of mine.

I still want to be a writer.

Two links I'd like to post here, the first one being something my friend Isha wrote about Change. The other, for the ultra curious folks out there, my old blog on yahoo360. I don't visit that blog, nor do I operate that one, and I'd like to keep it that way. Any comments posted there would most probably not be replied to. There are some weird things about me after all.

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  1. hi arnab,

    i completely do agree. changes happen in point of our life. though initially we remain averse to changes, still with due course of time we realize that the changes are necessary and inevitable.

    u definitely are a good witter with all d potentials to become a great witter. trust me and trust ur talents.

    keep writing and definitely it was a real post with all honesty.

    take care :)

  2. Arnab I normally prefer reading blogs in which the blogger writes about the non-made up things.How -ever your stories connect so well that I love reading it too.I would suggest that you make it a mixture of both:)

  3. Can't really comment on the blog..because its too personal..and however hard I try, I can't see it from your perspective..

    Just a one liner that i read somewhere came to my mind..

    "Is true change possible if someone resists"

    I've come to believe it is..change afteral is the only constant.

  4. Well Arnab change is required and its mandatory sometimes.. if you think then u can realise its not us we decoide to change it actually the circumstances or so called inspiration who force us to change.
    for ur writing i hv telling you since i hv been following ur blogs tht u must write for some publishers..because u have potential, so use it..
    i wish to read a book of yours one day..
    and yes blog is another medium to express ur self whr u can write whtever u feel
    so yes i wud like to see the mixture of both...i.e about u n ur fiction..
    All the besttt...
    keep Blogging :)

  5. @ Preetilata... I think I'm quite ok with change, as in I never had a real problem adjusting to change. I have been known to go very nostalgic at times though, and that's what happened when I wrote that post I guess. Thanks for sticking by to the blog though, I was wondering how many people would read a post like this... :)

  6. @ Kunjal... The blogs I've been browsing are mostly composed of the non-made up things only, so I thought why not give it a shot myself. Plus, there was the factor of me stumbling on that old blog, which kind of triggered this off.

    Needless to say, I somewhat enjoyed the experience myself :) Good to see that people still stick to the blog... cheers

  7. @ Niti... I'm taking that you visited the old blog. It's something that the old me could perhaps relate to, right now even I can't do that so much. Like I said, things have changed a lot over the past three years, more than I had ever expected.

    About that one liner, quite thought provoking... and I don't think it's really possible if someone resists. Won't be conducive in any case.

    Keep reading and writing... cheers...

  8. @ Pallav... I've had a very close relationship with change, never really had so much of trouble coping with it. It's just that sometimes, nostalgia sets in... and I think at those sometimes, I'm allowed to indulge in it a bit too.

    About me writing that book, well even I hope that day comes... and I can be sure of at least one reader of that book, whatever it might be...

    Cheers, thanks for dropping by...

  9. mmmmmmm..
    u gave me big smile...

  10. Hmmm seems like you had have a good relationship with life and its changes...
    Sometimes change is for better and sometimes its sort of mixed to me and sometimes it looks worse..
    Right there at that moment, i just cant help it sometimes and tears roll down..may be that's why my friends prefer me not to join them when its sort of farewell..But i insist, because after all how would i know how it feels when life takes a turn on you...

    Anyways that was me but you :p

    What kind of book are you planning to write...
    If it will be one having the shades of your posts..
    Then i am booking one copy for me in advance....:)

    Keep smiling arnab..:)

  11. I can relate to this one sooooooooooooo much...Although I don't have two blogs,but my older posts were about me more than anything else...then there was a time that fiction took over...I keep on osscillating between the two extremes...And sometimes I even write about me in a fictional way!The boundaries fade away slowly...

  12. Hey Arnab,

    Good to see you write about yourself. I think I know what you're saying. Even I feel really weird writing about myself. Whatever little times I have done, its been mostly for people who matter to me and who want me to do it. Somewhere that has been with you also; if not for a good friend you would'nt have even written this.But you know, there is a problem with this.. you tend to put yourself in the back seat more often than not. Hope that isn't the case with you.

    One thing more, reading the post I felt it wasn't what I would say was "straight from the heart" sorts. I might be wrong(do correct me if I am), but yes, it was not made up but it still didn't come across as pure.
    It's your call at the end, I understand that and I should not be barging..but I wanted you to know.

    Take Care
    PS: It's difficult not to stick to your blog :)Really!

  13. That is the rule of life isn't it? Cliched but true..change is the only constant. :)

    I know that may be three years down the line, if I still continue blogging, the stuff written now would seem so innocently childish, very immature. But that is how it is I guess, life is to be lived that way. :)

    Keep living! :)

  14. hmmmm.....usefull links....
    but u kno wht?!!
    u can blog daily and try writting some smaller posts.....jk!!

  15. WARNING : Long Comment follows.

    All right, so this made for some "different" reading. And I'm not complaining one bit.

    And what happened re ? Nostalgic kaiko ho gaya tu ?? :O

    Don't think I've told you this before...but I took to writing fiction after coming across your blog. And I think I'm thankful to you for it.:)

    And hey! Thanks for posting the link to my post on your precious space. :)

    And I just can't believe that you have mentioned CC on your blog !!! :D

    aur aur aur meko autographed copy milegi na teri book ki ? :P

    And oh! Almost forgot the most important point....DO write more about yourself...but don't stop the stories k..so don't study and write all the time :D (Himanshu ke words mein this will be called a strategy tera patta competition se saaf karne ki :D)

    And you already are a writer Arnab, a great one at that. :)


  16. @ Pallav... Nice to know that the blog caused some smiles...

  17. @ Mahesh... I've been lucky enough to be blessed with a good life, and the ability to cope up with change. I wouldn't say that it's always been fantastic, but I've survived through it...

    I haven't thought too much about the book yet, right now I don't have the time. In future, maybe... let's see.

  18. @ akanksha... Fiction is more often that not inspired by reality. The real fun in writing comes when those boundaries fade, and the two sides collide and merge.

  19. @ Netika... The decision to write about myself was quite impromptu, it was a somewhat hasty post. Whether it was from the heart or not, I think you would be a better judge of it. I've always liked to leave all interpretations to the readers...

    I somehow don't really like to write about myself, 'coz somehow it always ends up being quite boring. Another reason for it is that quite simply, I enjoy writing fiction more than about myself. Probably those two reasons combined have resulted in very few posts like this on the blog...

  20. @ Tara... It is indeed. Thing that surprises me is that that line can be true in so many different levels... so much so, that I'm starting to wonder what my reaction would be like when I come back to these posts three years from now, and read them again... :D

    Thanks a lot for reading...

  21. well dude... there aint any strict definition of what a blog should be about except for what the author wants it to be...

    be it fiction or a post like this which is very candid and straight from the heart, your blog is a kewl one...

    take care and keep writing... cheers...

  22. @ blue eyed soul... I'd love to blog every day and write a short story, but the only thing that stops me is the time factor, and the writer's block that I faced last night... :D Thanks a lot for literally following the blog...

  23. @ bondgal... So good to see you embracing change like that! Proud of you... hehe. Nostalgic, for a number of reasons actually... chats and talks with old friends, laughing with them about the good times and wondering why the bad times came, and of course the main cause... the blog I wrote three years back.

    You didn't tell me that you started writing fiction after reading my stuff... I'm honoured, and mighty glad too... you write well.

    You're most welcome for that link I posted. :)

    Aur aur aur... book likh loon, uske baad we'll think about the autographed copy. Right now, it's still in the Khyaali Pulao stage... (I got that right, right?? :P)
    (If I do write one someday, pakka milegi tereko ek copy... happy?)

    I will keep writing the stories, just hope that some good ideas hit me soon... till that time, I'm waiting. I hope the wait's not too long...

    Thanks a lot for that wonderful comment, that too on a post I considered to be quite inane, to be very honest.

    It's all the readers of the things I've written here that's made a writer out of me, so Thank You to all for that.


  24. @ Arv... I guess you are right, there really isn't a strict definition of the blog, but it's fun to mix things up a little bit. That's why, I didn't really mind posting this here...

    Thanks for reading the blog so regularly man... Cheers...

  25. hey arnab

    you know writing for oneself is rather therapeutic... and for ur friends on this blogger world its an opportunity to know you better..

    not only are you a gifted fiction writer but you do very well as a personal lifestyle blogger if you choose to be one sometime :)

    btw are you a bengali??

  26. @ Phoenix... I know what you mean by "therapeutic", certainly makes me feel better always. Thank You for reading the posts. As far as the fiction goes, it's just the ideas that strike me at times that bring them out...

    And yes, I am a bengali... Probashi Bangali in the real sense, to be more specific :)

  27. Hi Arnab, hope you are doing well. Quite a touchy post, I must say. Have you ever tasted sukto? It's pretty bitter, isn't it? Still we cherish it. Nostalgia is something similar. It's bitter, sometimes because it brings back uncertain memories, sometimes because we realize we cannot get back those days of yore. But still we cherish it.

    But Arnab, you hardly told us anything about yourself here! Except for the fact that you still want to be a writer. Would definitely like to know more about you, so keep writing :)

  28. @ Rajtilak... Thanks a lot for that. And yes, I do know all about Shukto, it's one of my favourite dishes too. The best part about it is the Korola, the bitterness about it is what makes it so amazing... kind of like nostalgia, like you rightly pointed out.


  29. I can quite relate to that. I maintained a private blog at Opera quite sometime back before shifting to Blogger.

    If you ask me, one has to embrace the change.

    I wish you well in your endeavour, bro'...


  30. @ Kartz... It's not that difficult to embrace the change for me, although the memories do feel nice sometimes :) Cheers...