The Unshakeable

It was a story about a couple. They were lovers, but couldn't show their love. They were married, but spent little time together. They had a child who had been taken away from them. They were together, but they were more alone with each other than they were by themselves.

It was not a true story. Yet in some ways, the words on paper seem truer than the stories we have heard from people for so many days.

It was a story of secrets that should have remained untold. It was a story of small incidents that should have stayed insignificant, but they didn't.

It was a lament. They cried, but I didn't.

I am a rock.

No, really.

8 comments :: The Unshakeable

  1. What is it with men and rock ? No, really ?

  2. Hmm... that's one way of looking at it. I didn't aim to personify the dude as the rock though... :D

  3. nicely expressed! :-)

  4. @ akanksha... thank you :)

  5. You talk of stories, true stories and untold stories and many not to be told but anyhow told stories...Well that was it all about.. right?
    I am not sure..what to say on this..
    so i am keeping my comment untold which is up to you to understand... :P

    Keep writing.. :)

  6. @ Mahesh... You're somewhat right, but then again, there is no right and wrong with what I write... I always like to keep the interpretation open to the readers, it's much more fun that way.

    You said quite a lot on this one already man :) Thanks a lot for the comments...

  7. Hmmm i am glad that you liked it.
    Actually i liked it arnab and i don't leave a chance to say it what i have in my mind unless i feel that it might hurt someone..:)

  8. @ Mahesh... Out here, you can say whatever comes into your mind when you read the stuff... I really like honest comments :) Keep visiting, there might be some new stuff on the blog... cheers...