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It was a big night for the two roommates. It had been about a year since they had moved to Delhi, and started living the big-town lives. Now, they wanted to take things a little bit forward – they were ready for a girlfriend each.

So, they planned out their dates for the night. They would do it together. Ishaan was the sensitive one, while Nandu liked to live the precarious life. Ishaan was in love with a girl, at least he thought he was. Nandu knew that he liked someone, but he wasn't that sure about love. Unlike Ishaan, he didn't think about spending the rest of his life with his girl…

They had gone out for dates, but none of them knew if they had the right to call their respective girls their girlfriends or not. They wanted to though. Call it peer pressure, but almost all their classmates in college had had at least one girlfriend in their lifetime. For Nandu, it was more for his self respect than anything else, that he wanted to get this girl to be his girlfriend. So they went out, with a purpose this time.

Nandu had a good time in the evening. She was quite pleased to meet him, and they went for a movie, dinner, and a nice walk after dinner. They found that in spite of a lot of differences, they indeed enjoyed each other's company. It was quite late when Nandu finally dropped her off at her hostel, and went back to his room.

Walking into the room, Nandu found that Ishaan was hopelessly drunk, and by the look of it, even more hopelessly sad. The door to the balcony was thrown open, even in the chilly Delhi winter night. Ishaan had tried to jump from the balcony, judging by the almost incoherent sobs that came from Ishaan, lying curled up on the room floor. It took considerable effort on Nandu's part to get Ishaan off the floor, and on to the chair. Two strong cups of coffee later, however, he seemed slightly less dazed. He recognized Nandu, and said his life is over, and there's no real purpose for his existence anymore.

Nandu, who had never experienced such emotions, sat there, quite unsure of what to say. Having nothing better to ask, he said "What exactly happened tonight, that almost literally pushed you over the edge?"

"I told her exactly the way I feel about her. She said she understands, but she needed time to figure things out. She said she'll let me know what her answer would be, and now she's not picking up my calls. She's going to say no to me, I just know it. I don't even feel like living anymore. You know how I feel about her; you know how crazy I am about her, how much I love her," said Ishaan, almost succumbing to his sobs again.

Nandu really didn't know what to say to this man. He thought he had known him, but apparently he hadn't. All he could say was, "Consider yourself lucky man. The girl I fell for turned out to be a lesbian."


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  1. What a twistttt....
    man u rockkk!!!!
    Plot was nicely written

  2. @ Pallav... Thanks a lot, and I love giving these twists to the plot :)

  3. now thats a nice one..stilll whose the picture of....and who are they in the real world???....cant be all fictious characters

  4. A rather abrupt and unexpected ending, but that was quite a narration. Liked it!

    Well... That is a part of life, isn't it..? Just goes to show how weak humans can really, really be. In the head. In the heart. And it turns out, Ishaan was weak at the thought of jumping off...

    Stark differences. Someone who can keep his emotions under wraps and one, who can't.

    See you around.


  5. Too Good! What a twist!Liked it lots!

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  7. lol... that was some twist :)

    Good one mate... have a nice weekend... cheers...

  8. @ Ratul... Thanks a lot... and I got the picture from flickr, it's a great photo so I used it...

    And, as far as the characters are concerned, I'll tell you about that some other time, the blog has too many eyes!! :D

  9. @ Kartz... I hope the ending wasn't too abrupt. And yes, people can be very weak emotionally. It can come as a surprise too, when someone you expect to be strong at all times turns weak in a particular time and place... the whole world is made up of stark differences after all.

    Thanks for dropping by...

  10. @ Akanksha... Glad you liked it, thanks a ton :)

  11. @ Arv... I've grown quite fond of twists in the plot it seems... hehe... thanks a lot for commenting, cheers...

  12. Pleasure's mine.

    Blogrolling you, with your consents.

    No, it wasn't too abrupt. I guess it was the twist, as you put it, that made it seem abrupt. That's all.

    Peace. Have a nice weekend.

  13. Cool poece there ya !! Can't belive I'm so late in reading it. :(

    "In spite of a LOT of differences..." :D

    Okay, so the obvious question. Inspiration ? *scratching chin*

    And hello !! Nandu ?? Teko aur koi naam nahi mila kya ? :O

  14. @ Kartz... Thanks for the critique... and seeing that I've already got your blog on my blogroll, I wouldn't mind you blogrolling me in the least, be obliged rather... :)

  15. @ bondgal... you nicely spotted that line there :D and about the inspiration, I'll tell you in person. :P hehe... and the purpose of Nandu again was, to an extent, to create that contrast... not very obvious though...

  16. Another amazing one from Arnab's factory.
    I kinda guessed the twist, but hey, only paritally. :)

  17. @ Netika... Thanks for the comment, altough I'm a bit curious about the exact facet that you guessed about the post :D

  18. Hey!
    Lol!!! Nice one :)
    Great blog !!!
    Check out mine, if u wish! :D

  19. hahhahaa/...wat an ending...
    I was waiting for such a big tragedy that this really made me laugh like hell :P

  20. @ cursed... Thanks for dropping by, will surely visit your blog too. Cheers...

  21. @ Praveen... Nice to know that the black comedy worked! :) Thanks for the comment...

  22. Haha! Dark! Great ending there! :)

  23. @ Tara... Thanks for visiting, and reading, and commenting! :D