Life’s Little Adventures

His tiny feet pattered on the freshly wiped floor. The door to the balcony was thrown open, and the sun shone at him. He laughed back at the sun in greeting, trying to catch the intangible sunlight in his tiny hands. Outside was a new, fresh world, created just for his entertainment. He couldn't wait to be a part of it.

Half walking and half crawling, he covered the last few feet to the balcony, through the big wooden doors. He was outside, taking in the wonderful first-floor air. It was a new perspective for him, where everything looked different from way above; the cat sitting lazily on the wall, soaking up the sun; the three big dogs next door that barked continuously; the children in the park running and screaming. He felt elated at his new freedom, to look at so many things at once. Once, he shouted back at the children, letting them know that he, too, was there.

Looking around, he spotted a little treasure trove. A collection of pebbles, decorated on a little tray, just for him. Glinting in the sunlight, they looked like grey candies that had to be tasted. With a big smile on his face, he started moving towards them. Black, Blue, Green, the pebbles smiled at him in all colors. He smiled back, extending a hand towards them to touch the cool stones glinting in the afternoon sunshine. He let his fingers take in the smoothness of the pebbles, the textures of them, before clasping one stone in each of his hands.

The pigeon cooed, startling him for a moment. He dropped the stones with a clatter to the floor, looking around for the source of this new sound. He spotted the pigeon, and was intrigued immediately. The pebbles lay forgotten on the floor, as he started moving forward towards the pigeon, one little baby step at a time. He stepped on one of the dropped pebbles, and that's when he noticed them again.

Picking up one of the small pebbles, he handed it to me and moved on, eager to stumble upon the next big adventure waiting for him in this fresh new world.

4 comments :: Life’s Little Adventures

  1. Yaar tu inna mast kaise likh leta hai ?? I mean honestly, I'm positive this is exactly how Rick would have felt. Very very amazingly written.

  2. With Rik as the theme, it wasn't really tough to write this one... his face really is the index of how he's feeling at every moment... and I got really lucky with the pic too :)

  3. Amazing work! Just loved it :-) Blogrolling u!

  4. @ akanksha... thanks a lot, nice to know you liked it. Good to see a post on your blog after quite some time as well...