The (real) Platonic cup of Coffee

It was a quaint little café that was surrounded by that luscious aroma of freshly brewed coffee. It was this, more than anything else, which caused the two of them to come in. They were the best of friends, deeply in love.

He looked into her eyes when he talked to her, because the subject they were talking about was something that both of them were quite passionate about. I don't really remember what they were talking about, but that's quite alright. What matters more, is the way they talked, and the way the rest of the world saw them talk. At that moment, for the two of them, nothing else existed, except each other's words, and the silent aroma of the brewing coffee nearby.

The waitress wasn't very sure whether she should interrupt them at that moment or not, so she waited a while. Giving them a few moments together, she finally moved closer to the table to take their order. It was quite a typical order during that season – two cups of cappuccino, and one chocolate brownie, served with a dollop of ice – cream. As she walked back to the counter, she couldn't stop smiling to herself for the two of them. They were still talking between themselves, without a care in the world…

The two cups of coffee and the chocolate brownie came as ordered. They didn't notice that the waitress was looking between the two of them, and smiling to herself while she served them the coffee. They picked up their cups and relished a sip each. They shared the chocolate brownie, even the ice – cream that came with it. The waitress couldn't help but look at them together, feeling happy for them. At the end of the delicious brownie and the mesmerizing coffee, they got up from their seats and advanced towards the counter where he paid for what they had ordered.

"Dude, I'm so glad I came with you here. Thanks for being my best friend, man!" she said to him

"Anytime, Dudette. Sorry for rushing like this, but my girlfriend's waiting outside," he said with a smile, and they walked out of that quaint little café, still talking like before. Outside, they high fived and walked their separate ways.

"Damn, they sure fooled us!" said one empty coffee cup to another.

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  1. Wow what a piece!:-) I loved the last line!!!!
    Good work!

  2. I don't think anyone has commented on my blog that fast! Thanks a lot...


    Just hope that I can keep posting regularly once my college reopens...

  3. Yeah! I wud agree with Akansha... the last line made me fall in love with the post :)

    Well, good you found me even if for once...coz I have been missing on some really gud stuff to read for long and am glad I found this blog :)

  4. Thanks Harshita, and I'll be sure to find my way to your blog again... blogrolled you...

  5. hey u!!!!... i could have been the first to comment on it, only if there was no error in your template.. :( :X...Don't I sound like an acknowledgment deprived soul??? :P :D. Anyway,,,d two coffee mugs represent the stereotypical mindsets of ppl v often come across...don't they?? btw, nice post.- Anupriya

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  7. Hmmmm I came to know as soon as you posted!:-)
    And to assure u again, This time I m here to stay...not taking any breaks at all for as long as I can see for now!

  8. @ anupriya... sorry for the glitch, but I'm really glad you pointed it out so I could fix it up fast. And like always, I'm leaving the interpretation of this open to the readers, although for me what you pointed out had been the case. Thanks a lot for the comment...

    @ akanksha... Good to know that someone keeps so much up do date with this blog. And now I'm looking forward to a few posts from your end.. thanks for all the amazing comments :)

  9. Haha wow that ending sure caught me by surprise. :-)

  10. @ MeMyself... nice to know that it had that effect! :) Thanks for reading and commenting... when's your next blog post coming though...?

  11. :D .. good 1! loved the last line! good punch!

  12. @ Matangi... Thanks a lot... glad you liked it :)

  13. Yay !!! so I WAS right, in a way. :P

    Well, no prizes for guessing how much I LOVED this !!! The last three paragraphs...mast !!! I have no other word. :) :)

    And oye the template looks super cool. Now teri responsibility to find me one which is just as cool if not more.

    And yippee !! Your ass is not going to be kicked after all. :P

  14. @ bondgal... Thanks... for, lets see... the post, the template, and most importantly... not kicking my ass!! :D

    And for the super cool template, I stumbled accross this nice site, I think the link is there on that template itself. The templates all work, you just have to tweak it a little bit. Check them out...

  15. Beautiful peice and beautifully written...
    what a surprising end....

  16. @ Pallav... Thanks for dropping by. Glad you liked it, especially the ending... it was the star attraction of the post after all.

  17. Short stories with unexpected ends are always fun. Well written. Blogrolling u :).

  18. @ Prashant... Thanks for dropping by and commenting, and for returning the favour of blogrolling.

  19. Hi Arnab,
    Nice story....I loved the way you wanted to bring out the relation between the two protagonists.


  20. @ Sourav... Thanks :)

  21. I really loved this post...
    I think i'll come back to read more of you :)

  22. nice work arnav....u mst hav put stress on ur left brain 4 writin it...hehehhheheh

  23. @ Shreya... good to see that you're applying all that we're learning! :D and yes, I did apply my left brain on this one.. the creative one that is, whichever side it resides.. hehe

  24. Wow, nice little story. Loved the way one cup said that in surprise to the other. Really a nice reading treat for me.

  25. @ Jagjit... Welcome to Technicolor Collage. Glad you liked the story... Feel free to browse through the other stuff out here...

  26. This post actually depicts real life incident for me. Me n my best pal have always encountered such situations from colleagues, acquaintances, not so close friends... even her mum had a sneaking doubt!! lol...
    on the other hand it was also symbolic of how people think in general!!

  27. @ Sumit... I'm sure there would be quite a few people who would be able to relate to this. Although, I've never had it happen to myself. Seen it though, happening to a few people around me. It's fun when it happens... hehe

    Thanks for the comments man, cheers...

  28. Very well written..
    The last line says it all....!
    I guess people should change the way they perceive things....

  29. @ Pavitra... Yeah, people really should change their perspective... glad to see that you agree :P

    Thanks for dropping by here. Cheers... keep blogging...