The First Flight

Poised at the edge of the balcony, in the backdrop of the inky sky lit up by the floodlights of a nearby factory, he waited. Like a little child waiting to blow out the candles, and leave the inky sky jet black; devoid of the amber light.

He paused for a moment, waiting. The right breeze, that would carry him on. That would carry him over the floodlights that looked like birthday cake candles.

He watched for a moment, spotting things untrained human eyes tend to miss out. The panorama being his guide, he readied himself.

He ruffled his feathers one last time. Moments before he took to the endless skies.

That night, he flew.

8 comments :: The First Flight

  1. i just love these kind of mystical and poetic imageries.


    i wish i cud fly too. :)

    is he committing suicide? then it must be the most beautiful kind of. :)

    do bird feel d same while taking their first flight?

  2. Dude !!! Awesome is the word !! Very very well written.

    But i still refuse to believe that greater noida can look so pretty !

  3. And hey, good to see that the trend is continuing even post the disastrous exams. :)

  4. @ Preetilata

    That's quite a different perspective from the one that inspired the post. I saw this brown owl sitting on my balcony last night, a few minutes before I took that picture... it flew away, and this story was done.

    @ bondgal

    Thanks a ton, and like always, I'm mighty glad you liked it!

    Even I couldn't believe Greater Noida could look so pretty, but then again it's just the way you look at things I guess. It's good to be back here, so I will try to keep in touch with the blog as much as possible - inspite of any more trashy exams I might have!

  5. yippy i guessed it right....OWL OWL OWL...:)


  6. @ anupriya... yes you were right! Congratulations!! Hehe

  7. A story of a bird getting ready for her first flight...
    Interesting again....

    Wish i could fly too...

    Would have come to delhi to meet a writer like you...:P

  8. @ Mahesh... This one is something of a true story, of an owl that was sitting on the ledge of the hostel balcony, seemed so interesting that I had to write something about it. And I think it's pretty much every man's dream to be able to fly...