55 Fiction: A Sibling Thing

The two sisters fought bitterly. The elder sister was leaving that night, and the siblings weren't talking to each other.

They knew they would miss each other very much, but would never accept it.

Just moments before the final goodbye, the younger sister said something adorable. "Didi, tu mujhko apne dahej mein lekar jayegi na?"

What is 55 Fiction? It is a fiction story, with all the basic elements of a narrative (plot, characters, setting, conflict), in 55 words or less (A non-negotiable rule). I haven't written something along this line for some time now, so this one might come across as slightly rusty.

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  1. I am the 1st one again! And u inspired to me to do a 55 fivtion now!
    Good one!

  2. @ akanksha...So this is how it feels to be inspirational... :D

    55 Fictions are great fun to write, I love the challenge of putting everything in that tiny word limit of 55 words.

    Have fun writing, cheers...

  3. my god .. now I feel like taking up this challange and writing something in 55 words !
    good work ! and thnx for adding my blog to your list

  4. @ Ruch... Thanks for the comment, and I've found through my own experience that 55 Fiction is fun, and it's very addictive once you start off with it!

  5. Probabaly, I will try....
    anyways nice write up..

  6. @ Pallav... Thanks... and all I can say is, it's addictive!

  7. some time addiction is good for health
    Not always.... Mind it!!!!
    ha h ahaaa....

  8. :) Short and sweet

  9. @ Pallav... You're right, a small level of addiction is good, but then again it's the large levels that starts creating problems. Although out here, it really shouldn't be that much of a problem.

    @ Harshita... Thanks...

  10. Hey Arnab! Nice template :)

    55 fiction is nice, but even I don't know whether it includes poems. And unlike you, I am pretty miserable in writing stories.

    Keep posting in this 55 fiction series, simply love them :)

  11. @ Rajtilak... Thanks. I don't know whether 55 fiction includes poems or not, but honestly, with me, what it's called doesn't really matter all that much with me... hehe. I try to keep writing in the 55 fiction series, even I'm quite fond of it, but then there are times when I feel like writing something that contains a few more words... hence the other posts in the other categories :D

  12. nice concept !:)
    good one yaar ..
    am chking ur blog 4 the 1st time .. u have a nice one

  13. Yeah.. vil have to start ticklin my imagination powers :-)

  14. that brought a smile on my face...nice!

  15. @ Meenu... Thanks for dropping by, even I enjoy writing stuff in this concept. It's great fun, the challenge that comes with restricting yourself to 55 words!

    @ Ankita... Really glad that the blog posts are having that effect on people who read it :) Thanks

    @ Anupriya... That's a proof of success, right? :) Thanks for reading...

  16. That last line hit hard. Very hard. Period.


  17. @ Kartz... good to see that the last line lived up to the expectations I had from it.. hehe... thanks for reading, and commenting...