The Truth

This story has been inspired by a post written by Shruti. You can find the post here. I hope I've done justice to the situation here, and I hope that things turn out great for that family.


His mother looked into the mirror, and wondered how she would ever tell her son that he wasn't her flesh and blood, that he was adopted. She wondered how she would look into his eyes, and would admit the fact, that she hadn't carried him in her womb for nine months. She loved him, as anyone would love their own child. Still, a splinter in her mind caused her to wonder if that love was enough, if her love would be considered second hand.

She walked into his room, and saw that the little boy was getting ready to go somewhere. She couldn't ask where he was going. She somehow wanted him to stay, wished that he would say something to make the whole matter easier. Something like that silent hug of his, which always made things so much easy for her, without the need of even a single word.

He was having trouble with his shoes. Even at the age of 11, it amused her sometimes that he had trouble with mundane things like this, when he could solve complex math problems in seconds. Standing at the door to his room, she smiled while he tried the shoe on for the umpteenth time, without the slightest sign of impatience or frustration.

She knew she had to tell him something. She knew the time had come. She knew if she hid this from him any longer, there was a chance that he would hear about it from somewhere else. She knew that for him, it could prove to be disastrous. She told herself over and over again, that it was best if it was her who told him the truth.

She wondered how she would bring up the subject. She wondered if he would want to go out, as he was planning to, after he heard the truth a few moments later. Time was running out though, she had to find the right words any moment now; he almost had his shoes on.

He tied the laces, and stood up in front of her, a big smile spreading on his face. "I did it finally!" he said. "I'll be back soon, just going out with a few friends."

"Ashmit…" his mother began.

"Yes, Ma?"

Her courage failed her at the last moment, leaving her at a time she needed it the most. She couldn't look into his eyes,  and as she said to him "Don't be too late," she rushed off to the kitchen, lest he see the tears in her eyes.


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  2. yay me first!! me first!!

  3. ohh. its so beautiful and touching.

  4. brilliant and heartfelt.. lovely..

  5. oopsy so sorry i commented on urs thinging it to be sorry.. this is what happens when you have too many windows open at the same time.. :(

    anyway.. i read shruti's post and urs as well.. i promise i did.. and the way you handling the story line was remarkable... :)

  6. Nice post there....Great topic too...

    Don't know when is actually the right time to tell a kid that he/she is not a biological child, if there is any that is.

    Perhaps no one and I mean no one, should know anythin about this matter except for the parents involved. And then it is totally their call what they want to do.

  7. Aww.. they can never get it out right?
    Hey! Feels good that the matter inspired u to write a story :-)
    Its such a sensitive issue really. The parents never seem to be ready to break the big news to the kid..
    The story ending has a 'what-happened-then' feel to it.. :-)

  8. @ Phoenix... Yes you are the first one!! The little joys of life eh?? kiddin' :P

    I hope the handling of the topic was alright, 'coz it is quite a sensitive topic too... thanks a lot :)
    Cheers, take care...

  9. @ Preetilata... Thank You :)

  10. @ Richa... Glad that you liked it. I've been meaning to write it ever since I read that post, but the exams kept getting in the way. Got a brief respite from them for one night, so I came back to it.

    Thanks for reading.

  11. @ Bondgal... Thanks for the comment. Even I don't think there is one right time, it ultimately depends entirely on the family who's got to deal with it. Like you rightly said, it's a matter that has to be taken care of by the parents, and no one else should be taking that decision. No one else can ever be closer than a child's parents, especially in matters like this.

    Glad to know you liked it, cheers...

  12. @ Shruti... Thank you for that wonderful post that triggered off this story. There is really no right way to handle this.

    I wanted that 'what-happened-then' feel to the story, as I don't think I know exactly how it would feel in that situation, or if I have the right to comment so much about something that I've only heard about and read about, all from a distance...

    Glad to see that you liked it. Means a lot to me, specially because your post inspired it.

    Cheers... :)

  13. I haven't read Shruti's story..yar bahut badi thi..
    But your writing has a very biased fan in me, so it goes without saying that I loved every bit of this. Very sensitive portrayal. I liked the way the words did justice to the emotion of the lady.

    Shall soon read Shruti's also.

  14. @ Netika... I hope you're not biased to the extent that you blindly like my stuff :P

    Do read Shruti's post as well, it's a nice one. Happy to know that you liked the sensitive presentation of the story. I really didn't want to make many assumptions for this one, didn't seem fair...

    Keep visiting, and hope that on my part I can keep writing too. Cheers...

  15. No no Arnab, I don't blindly like anything.. In this case, I have solid proofs know. :)

  16. @ Netika... :D Thanks so much for that, really motivates me to write more when the readers say things like this.


  17. uve captured the emotions very beautifully!

    well written!! :)

  18. a poignant tale mate...

    am sure it is something that every adopting parent goes through.. wondering what and when is the right time to tell...

    have a nice day mate... cheers...

  19. the way u start ur each post by describing emotions and thoughts....its much more interesting....its gr8!!

  20. Arnab,

    Very true. It is really difficult for parents to tell the child that he or she is adopted. But come what may it has to come out in open some time or the other. It is better for the child to learn from parents rather than someone else who may add unwanted things to it.

    Navigated here from Shruti's space. You may read my comments there. This is my first visit to your space. Will visit again to read rest of the posts.

    I write here too under the same name. If you find time do visit and your views are most welcome.

    Take care

  21. the end is too touching..nice

  22. @ Pri... Glad you liked it. Thanks a ton :)


  23. @ Arv... There is no right answer to that question, of when is the right moment to tell. That is why I left it out of the story, didn't want to make that assumption. I don't think I have the right to do that honestly...

    Thanks for reading man... cheers...

  24. @ Blue Eyed Soul... I'm really glad you liked this one :) Thanks a lot for that wonderful comment... cheers...

  25. @ niceguy... You're absolutely right, the news has to come from the parents, for who else can better understand the child?

    Welcome to Technicolor Collage. Do read through the other stories. I'll surely visit your space as well. Cheers man, and thanks for taking the time to visit here :)

  26. @ Niti... Thanks a lot :)

  27. An emotive narration, per se. This is a pretty sensitive issue and I like the way u brought it out...

    I agree with Isha, too. And, if u ask me, the child will prolly come to know the truth sometime or the other. The parents shd ensure that the situation doesn't go out of hand. (Of course, that depends on when the child concerned comes to know of the truth!) I have known someone who has been adopted. And thankfully, there hasn't been any bitterness abt it.

    Peace. Have a wonderful weekend.

  28. but i wanna know how she tells him?????
    make that your next post no? like a sequel... pretty please :D
    *bats eyelashes and makes a puppy dog face*
    at least consider it..
    but as far as this story, its real nice the way u brought out the love a mother has ...

  29. @ Kartz... I didn't know initially how to go about writing this one, didn't know if I had the right to make so many assumptions for it. You're right, it's a very sensitive issue, and I really hope I did justice to it.

    The child would definitely come to know about this sometime or the other, and I think it'd be better if he comes to know from his parents rather than someone else.

    It's wonderful to know about families in a similar situation, where the bitterness is not there about this. It shouldn't be there. After all, a real parent is the one who'd stay up all night trying to shush a baby to sleep, and wake up every morning and change the diaper first thing... a parent is one who knows how to love a kid more than anyone else in this world.

    Thanks a lot for the comment man. Have a good weekend. Cheers...

  30. @ Harini... I did consider putting that in the story initially, but it felt as though I was venturing into a place that I didn't know myself... and somehow it seemed as though I didn't have the right to tread that area. I wanted to write it, but at the same time I didn't want to write that bit.

    Maybe in future, I might think about it. Right now though, I'm still a bit scared to go down that road.

    I hope I didn't disappoint you too much... thanks a lot for the comments :)


  31. I have a similar kind of situation in my family...and letting the child know is just out of question.
    It sure does takes too much of courage to tell.Hope all is well wid them.May God bless the child and mom:-)

  32. @ Akanksha... I wish there would be a way to figure out, how to go about telling the child. In a way, I really think the kid deserves to know.

    May God bless the family.

    Thanks for the comment, cheers...

  33. Really beutiful peice..
    i hv certain emotions...

    arnab u really write wonderfully.. the best part is the expressions.... i mean the word u choose to reflect the expressions are so perfect...

    if its not a fcition how painful it cud be for a mother...
    yes i knw.. n how awful it is for a child.. i know...

    Keep writing..
    MAy God bless uu...

  34. @ Pallav... This story was inspired by a post I had read on Shruti's blog, the link for which is posted on the post itself. That's a true story, and although this one was a fiction from my viewpoint, maybe someone somewhere in the world is going through this right now.

    May God bless those families. They truly deserve it.

    Thanks a lot for visiting, cheers...

  35. Fuck. You are a brilliant storyteller. Your stories never fail to bring a smile or goosebumps in the end. Cheers to you!

  36. @ Jagjit... Thanks a lot man. Great to know writers like you think good stuff about my stories - a big morale boost for me! :D

    Cheers man...

  37. A simple story..simply told. Nice read. :)

  38. Wonderfully weaved my friend..

  39. @ Pranay... Thanks a lot man :) Cheers...

  40. @ Urv... Thanks man. Nice to see you here.

    Welcome to Technicolor Collage. Cheers...

  41. Deeply moved. Sensitive it is but hoe 2 overcome the situation is extremely difficult. Sooner the better.
    There r children who have everything but still lives like an orphan.

  42. Hmmm..Again a very sensitive topic..

    First when i read ur post..i was quite against it...
    i mean when you said that mother is about to tell his son about the truth..
    then i read the post u referred to, then i realized the problem and i appreciate the way you presented the emotions the mother goes through..

    Good one once again like before...

    I left a reply for u comment :p

    keep writing..


  43. @ Jayaram... It is one of the topics that have to be handled very tactfully, and it's better to do it as soon as possible as well.

    Thanks for dropping by, and the comments. Cheers...

  44. @ Mahesh... The child sometime or the other has to come to know of the truth, the parents owe him that I think. I hope I did justice here, glad you liked it.

    Thanks for the comments man...

  45. nice story. actually hopped in here from shruti's blog...
    liked the way you got thru the intricate details of emotions. but, i didn't find the closure.. as if, there is another part awaiting to be penned.

  46. @ Sam... Good to know you hopped over here. Welcome :)

    The closure bit is left untouched here on purpose, I didn't know if I have the right to comment on that part or not. Didn't think it would have been fair... so I left it out.

    Cheers man, hope to see you around...

  47. Smile accompanied with tears is the best expression in the world.
    While reading this i had tears in my eyes and still i couln't resist to smile........

  48. @ Vipin... I didn't know my stories could have such a profound effect man. Thanks a lot. Seriously, there's nothing better for a writer than to know that his readers could connect and relate with the story this well.

    Cheers man...

  49. Beautiful Arnab..I don think his mother can ever tell the truth..
    Jus Awesome :)

    I don hv any more words :)
    keep smiling :)

  50. @ Satyu... I know it's tough to admit the truth to a kid, but then, don't you think, somewhere, the mother owes it to him?

    That's just how I feel though... thanks for commenting... Cheers...