Coffee House Silence

On a perfect March evening, when the wind was just right, he walked into that familiar café, hopeful. In the corner, the 'reason' for his visit sat quietly, propped against a wall as always. A book in one hand, and a coffee mug in the other, she seemed lost in her own little world. He sat down on the same table that he used to sit on, from which he could have a clear view of her. He wasn't too near, yet not too far away from her.

Out of the corner of her eyes, she noticed that he had walked in. Somehow, it seemed that the wonderful weather seemed to follow him inside as he walked in, and cheered the aromatic surroundings a little bit more. She smiled quietly to herself for a nanosecond, and the world missed it.

He kept throwing glances at her, a bit afraid that she might notice him. At the same time, a part of him secretly wished that she would notice that fact, that he was shooting those glances at her. He kept thinking about the many days that he would wait for her to look up from the book that she always used to carry with her. He remembered the time that he played a game with her, where he kept guessing the color of her eyes – until the time that she looked up and he saw that he had been right all along.

She used to keep looking at him out of the corner of her eyes. Her eyes would follow him every time that he got up for a refill of coffee; every time he would come back to his seat after paying the bill and check if he had left anything at his seat. She would keep looking at him, until the very last moment, when his eyes would sweep the café one last time before he left. That's when her nerve would fail her, and she would avert her eyes.

This day was different though. This time, he wasn't the first one to decide to leave. He stayed on, till the time that she looked at him. He stayed on, till he had the nerve to look into her eyes. As luck would have it, she also looked up at the same time. That's how their eyes met.

"And that's how their story began," said the narrator, with a twinkle in his eyes.


There was a purposeful difference in the style of this story, and that change was brought about to avoid the stereotype which I noticed was creeping up in my posts. Now I'm curious to find out what everyone thinks about it J


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  1. reminds me of the old pub days in London :)

    super stuff mate...

    take care...


  2. nice and sweet... and effective because I was hoping there would be a turn of events in the end.. and not finding it is u said it..
    well written as usual..

    she smiled for a nanosecond, and the world missed it..
    simple subject made interesting

  3. :) And I think I know what the difference is :)

    I am ok both ways's the way you weave words that I like. :)

  4. Awwww.....nice one there...tere saare romantic type waale posts coffee shop mein hi kyun hote hain ??? *curious* :P

    Enjoyed the new style. :)


  5. It was soooooooooooooooooooooo cuute!
    Loved everu word u tped out there!
    Amazing work dude!

  6. @ Arv... Interesting viewpoint that one. What exactly happened there with you eh, that you got reminded about them days upon reading this? Care to elaborate?

  7. @ Niti... Thanks a lot. Good to see that people do appreciate the change of style. I was beginning to get a bit worried that I've been stereotyped... :D


  8. @ Netika... Even I'm somewhat sure you would know. I was wondering what your reaction would be to this one when I was writing out the last bit of the post, about the different style and all.

    Thanks a lot for the comments, cheers, take care...

  9. @ Bondgal... You're talking to the perhaps the biggest caffeine addict of the decade here (I wanted to go for the word century, but didn't wanna exaggerate :D) and the amount of time I've spent at coffee shops is beyond measure. Itna time spend karunga wahan pe, toh kahin na kahin toh impact aayega hi na...? Plus, Coffee is a great aphrodisiac as well ;) hehe


  10. @ Akanksha... Very happy to know that you liked it. Good to know that it was all more than just the style of writing... :)

    Cheers, take care...

  11. awwwww :) super!! differently super!!

  12. @ Phoenix... You have no idea how glad I am to see that I can write in a different style as well. That comment was like sweet music to my eyes as I read it :)

    Cheers, take care...

  13. loved the story dude :)

  14. Good and simple.
    Honestly where did u get this picturisation? Were u influenced by somebody?
    Writing was lucid and try and maintain ur originality.

  15. I agree, it is a different attempt this time...

    Although most of your stories are unpredictable but they do END... this one leaves you asking for more and it is really beautiful.

  16. Man this is somethng new haann
    well thts good attempt.. being stereo type it better to hv somethng new in ur kitty....

    i liked it n looking fwd for new one..
    n u knw best part is..the end...

    hv fun.... :)

  17. wow yaar!!...gr8....
    true emotions of ♥♥!!

  18. hmm..interesting post..

  19. wow.. the romance beins :D
    though i was expecting tht the guy wud find the girl's similar to his dead sister or sumthn.. but u proved me wrong.

    cute tha :D

  20. ..u wicked little narrator! Story kahan hai!? Itna cutesy cutesy love story start karke..
    Haee.. :-) new writing style hmm? :-) excellent structure. Very catchy and cute.. lekin.. picture abhi bhi baaki hai.. :-P
    I've been recommending ur blog to my blogger and non blogger friends to have a good read :-) Its full of very good work after all!
    Keep 'em coming :-)

  21. Liked the lucid flow and imagery, dude.

    Keep writing. Spread the voice.

    Peace. Have a nice day.

  22. o wowwwwww brilliant and amazingly diffrnt in style. :)

  23. Kabhi kabhi lagta hai ki tumhare itne chahne wale hai ki tumhe aur chahne walo ki zarura nahi..par tumhare post padta hoon to lagta hai ki kabhi chahat(appreciation) ko chuna ya gina nahi jata...bas kiya jata hai...
    jo jitna achcha woh utna achcha payega... :)

    Did it make any sense :p

    Never mind...

    Coming back to you writing..

    Well tum apni last line par punch dena kab chodoge???

    Indeed there was a good change in your style of writing..:)

    Aur achcha laga sunkar ki tum bhi curious ho jate ho kabhi kabhi...

    Keep writing arnab...


  24. Very lucidly written. And romantic too. Nice work :).

  25. super.. u think of grt storylines .. visited ur blog after a long gap and was definately not disappointed !

  26. so sweet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's just so cute!! :D
    I'm back anyways :)

  27. super boss.. as for the stereotyping, I am new to ur blog.. so cant comment on that.. N even if it is stereotyped, I ain't having any problem with that ;)

  28. heya~..
    though new to technicolor collage...stil got a hang of it..d silence ws jus beautiful..& unusual

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  30. First up, sorry for the super late replies to all the wonderful comments. Been off the net for the last two days, hoping that it doesn't keep continuing though...

    @ Sam... Thanks a lot man, really glad you liked the stuff out here. Cheers dude...

  31. @ Jayaram... Thanks a lot. Well, the picturisation wasn't tough. I owe it all to the many hours I've spent in CCDs and Baristas and Costa Coffees, and some other smaller cafes round the corner. The setting was familiar, although writing the story was a bit difficult. Had to tame my mind not to go off into the usual style of writing there :P

    Thanks a lot for the comments, will surely keep more original work flowing out here on the blog. Cheers...

  32. @ Harshita... Glad to know that you liked the ending of this one... or should I say, the beginning ;)

    Thanks for reading, and making sure you comment. Cheers to you :)

  33. @ Pallav... Glad that you agree with the change of style man. I hope I can keep posting now though, hope I'm not forced to stay off the net like the last two days or so...

    Cheers man...

  34. @ Blue Eyed Soul... Thanks a lot. Glad you liked it, and I hope you enjoyed the change too... :)


  35. @ Anwesa... Thanks a lot. Is it your first time here? If it is, welcome to Technicolor Collage :) Keep reading... cheers...

  36. @ Richa... That's an interesting train of thought there. What inspired it eh? :)

    Happy you enjoyed it. Cheers...

  37. @ Shruti... Story sabke individual dimaag mein hai, and it's also out there in the world. Look around, bohut saare dikh jayenge ;)

    Glad you enjoyed the new writing style, I hope there's more new stuff on the blog.

    Thanks for spreading the word :) Cheers, take care, and keep writing things that keep inspiring me :D

    Take care.

  38. @ Kartz... Thanks a ton dude. Glad you liked the change of style. Cheers...

  39. @ Preetilata... Thanks a ton :) Good to know you liked this one. Hope there are more, and the situation allows me to keep at it. Cheers...

  40. @ Mahesh... It made perfect sense man. You're quite a poet dude! And yes, appreciation toh bohut milti hai yahan par, no greater motivation for me to keep going with it.

    Yes, I was very curious to know what people thought about the way I had written this one. Now I'm happy that you all liked it so much :)

    Cheers... keep blogging, and I'll try to do the same...

  41. @ BrownPhantom... Thanks a lot man. :) Cheers.

  42. @ Ruch... Welcome Back. Haven't seen anything from your end for a long time now. Glad to know you weren't disappointed too :) Cheers...

  43. @ Cursed... Hey, welcome back! Thanks a lot, nice to know you liked it :) Start writing again, now that you're back. Cheers...

  44. @ Urv... Welcome here dude. Good to know you liked this one. I'm still to gro through your blog as well, the only thing I've read properly there was Trinaa's tag... you remember that one, I'm sure :D

    Cheers man...

  45. @ Sarmistha... Welcome to Technicolor Collage. Glad you liked this one, do feel free to browse around the rest of the space. Keep visiting, cheers...

  46. well.. Ive posted something recently but have half the mind to delete it for obvious reasons !

  47. Woww!! It was such an!! Really!! I wish all love stories were like that..*lost in her own thoughts*.

    Beautiful! U write great!! I'm truly inspired to write fiction!! Keep it up!! :D

  48. Hey Arnab.. the post is supercool
    The picturisation value rocks, i cud see it happening in fron of my eye.. gud work. keep it up.. will be tuned in for more from you :P

  49. @ Ruch... Why would you want to delete it? Haven't had the opportunity to read through it yet, don't think will have that opportunity for the next few days either... so don't delete it just yet!

  50. @ Siya... Thanks a lot. And there are quite a few love stories that actually happen that way :) a bit cliched, but hey, it happens!

    Good to know that you've been inspired to write fiction too... would like to see some of your stuff as well. Cheers, take care...

  51. @ Nihit... Thanks a lot for that wonderful comment man. I think it's your first time out here, so welcome to Technicolor Collage. Cheers...

  52. lol..
    u really made me chuckle in the end. wonderful.. u got the flow mate!! keep writing!! :)

  53. @ Sam... Thanks a lot mate. Glad the story made you chuckle, hope my stuff keeps doing that to the readers :)


  54. Did I comment here before? If I didn't .. umm Just want to say read it before and read it again.. you write amazingly well :)

  55. @ Winnie the poohi... I don't really mind another comment, especially one that says good things about the post :)

    Good to know you liked it. Keep reading, cheers...