Holy Land

"You know, I was wondering something for a while now," she said suddenly, while he was driving.

"Hmm?" he said, taking a little bit of time to focus on what she was saying. It happens that you get lost in your own thoughts when you're out on the road in the middle of the night, and she understood that. She waited for him to get back to what she was saying before continuing.

"It's been four years we've been together, and two months since we got married, and we've never talked about God, have we?" she asked him.

He hadn't expected this topic while they were out on the road like this, but he had always admired the unpredictability of her thoughts. "No, we haven't. Is that what you were thinking all this while?"

"Yeah. Don't ask me why I started thinking about it though," she said with a smile. He answered back with his smile, and said, "I'm not asking."

"So, what's your take on God?" she pressed.

He didn't answer immediately. He had never really thought about this, never imagined that someone would actually pose this question to him someday. He didn't have an answer ready with him, and so he took some time to form the answer in his head.

"I'm not sure about God. I did believe in God as a kid, especially during the festivals, but as I grew up, I wasn't too sure about the existence of a supreme being," he said.

"So you've become an atheist?" she asked.

"No, not really. More like an agnostic. I don't say there is no God, I just question that theory. I've never had convincing proof for it actually. If I do, who knows, maybe I'd start believing"

It was her turn to become silent now while she looked out the window, lost in her own thoughts. After about a minute, he interrupted her thoughts, and said "What's your take on the subject? Aren't you going to tell me that?"

"Well, I've always believed in God. Ever since I was a little girl, ever since I went to the temple for the first time. Call me crazy, but I've always felt someone there has been waiting for me, every time," she said, a smile lighting up her face.

"Wow, that's sweet," he said, "and just so you know, I don't think you're crazy to believe in that stuff."

"Doesn't your sister believe in God?" she asked.

"Oh yes, she does. She's a devout believer. She thinks that all our lives are in His hands, that everything is His will."

"Well, what if she's right with that train of thought? What if there really is a God somewhere, and He's actually got a big plan for all of us? What if this drive, this conversation, it's all a part of His plan?"

Before he could answer to that, the car stalled with a small lurch. He pulled to the side of the road, put the blinkers on, and wondered out loud, "Was this in the plan as well?"

"Oh ,come on now!" she exclaimed on hearing that. She knew he was joking, but thought it to be a nice opportunity to seize the moment and use it to her advantage. "You're not actually going to blame this on God now are you? I thought you had your doubts about his existence. Convenient, eh?"

"I was kidding. I thought you would understand, sweetheart," he said, with a swift smile before he got out to see what the trouble with the car was.

"I'd have to take care of this trouble now, I don't think Divine Intervention's really going to help us out here," he continued once he was outside. "It's the skills of the Automobile Engineer you've got as a husband that's going to get us out of this one!"

"Maybe it would be your skills that would get us out of here," she said, stepping out of the car herself, "but that doesn't really prove anything. It doesn't prove that God does not exist."

"Well, it doesn't prove that he does either. Which brings us back to the doubts that I had about Him in the first place," he said as he tinkered around under the hood.

"I wonder if that's done it," he said to her, "go in and turn on the ignition; see if it works now"

She went inside and turned the key, and the engine throbbed to life. She could see his smile in the headlights, and he saw her smile when he got back into the car a moment later. Soon, they were back on the road.

"So, why did we have that conversation there, out of the blue like that?" he asked her, as they sped over the familiar road leading back to the city.

"Just like that, I've been wondering about it for some time now. Just thought of bringing it up tonight, that's all," she said.

Up ahead, they could see a little temple, with a candle still burning in the dead of the night. "Let's stop over for a moment over there, please? I'd really like that," she said, turning to him.

"Now? It's getting kinda late, don't you think? We have to get back home."

"I won't be long. Just a little while. Five minutes at max."

He stopped the car, but he still didn't understand the urgency. "Why do you have to visit the temple now, in the middle of the night?"

"Because, when we were stuck there, I prayed to God to help us out. Right before turning the ignition, I prayed. I dunno, feels as if it worked because of that."

He smiled, unlocked the car doors, but said nothing. "You want to come too?" she asked him.

"Sure, why not. Although, I'm still not sure. One incident like that can't change the way I think," he said, and took off his shoes before entering the Holy Land.

She smiled into the night, and welcomed the scent of the incense that was burning, waiting for her to pay a visit in the dead of that night.


I've been away from the blogging world for the last few days, which is why there's been this delay in the post. I'll still be away for a few more days, but I couldn't resist popping in and posting this one. I hope I can come back quickly though. Hope to see you guys soon.


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  1. Hmmmm that was one thoughtful post of yours dude....

    Dont know how do you manage to write so many things being busy... :P
    Whatever you rock as always.. :)

    This thought really had that thing which shows the silent and intimate relationship between a couple...

    There was a difference in their thoughts, but they were still together and forever.. :)

    I hope things work out between those people too who think this little difference make the big difference in relationships...

    BTW one curious doubt...
    Do you have GF ? let me know the no too :P

  2. Ditto copy of me..
    I am a very sprititual person and frankly, had I been in the girl's place, this is exactly what I would have done. But I am sure, some credit would be given to my husband to. :P

    YOu know, I just noticed something about your story..
    I mean, the style per se.Every dialogue of yours doesn't necessarily describe the situation or the feeling. As in, you know when it's the dialogue which should be given importance, when it's the emotion and when, both.

    Hope to see you around soon.For whatever reasons you are away, ALL THE BEST..Nai chaahie to bhi rakh lo..you never know when you may need it..:)

  3. Nice story here! :) Though not with a surprising ending, but still nice descriptions and philosophical discussions about God's existence. Welldone!

  4. @ Mahesh... Good to see that even though I wasn't here, or that I probably won't be here for the next few days, there's still going to be a constant flow of traffic here. Thanks man.

    Well, all I can say is that writing gets a lot of things out of me, and makes me feel better... so I do it, in the end, for myself more than anyone else. Just to make me feel better ;)

    Things always seem to work out quite well, as long as the people involved are ready to talk it out with an open mind, and have the ability to understand each other.

    About the GF, I'm happily single right now. Although what prompted that question, I dunno... and dude, even if I had a GF, why would I send her no to you eh?? Think about it ;) :D


  5. @ Netika... It's a good thing to be spiritual, although I've never been able to do that. I'm a bit too curious/inquisitive/averse to authority - in the sense that I question it too much - to be able to lead that way of thought.

    About the style, I take that as a compliment, so Thank You :) I hope I can get back here ASAP, and yes, I do need all the luck I can get! Thanks a lot for the good wishes, cheers, take care...

  6. @ Jagjit... I wanted to stay a bit away from the surprise endings. My stories were becoming a bit too predictable, and I didn't really like it that way. Thanks for the comments man, cheers...

  7. Well what made me ask this question??

    I thought for a second that only a person in relationship could write a post of this sort... so just asked to clear my doubt...

    BTW i didnt ask you her mobile no., i asked the count of GF's... haha :p you really took it otherwise...:D

    Chalo take care..

    Cheers :)

  8. i was expecting some twists and punches:)
    yet must say a fabulous story:)

  9. I don't say this very often, but I think I'm falling in love with your writing.

    God - He/She has been such an enigma to me always. I completely understand the way you feel about the issue.

    Sometimes I wonder if He/She is just humankind's invention, to turn to and rely for supprt and/or blame when things aren't going the way we'd like them to.

    I really really admire you for the maturity that you exude and envy it too. :)


  10. Ah..averse to authority..
    I am sure you had a tough time in school and college. :P

  11. hmmmm.....spiritual post:)
    liked it!!....no regrets tho..

  12. kewl one dude... I remember some conversations on those lines...

    strangely... I have been on both sides :)

    take care mate... cheers...

  13. Hi Arnab,

    Liked the flow, effortless.
    I am going to be on a long break too.
    On a lighter note, the girl who has such a patient husband might as well believe in fairies too :). Normally a guy wouldn't let God take even a tiny credit if he fixes the car. Yes, he might allow that leeway to God for higher things like getting a new job, but guys are very possesive abt taking credit for fixing stuff like car or flush :).

  14. God.. No comments

    Post.. I liked the narrative..but somehow i prefer the "Arnab Twist" in the end.. I kept on waiting..it din't come.. this was on the lines if the previous one..on writing style i mean..

    Nice one though..loved the flow..

  15. you've got a wondeful flow in writing.. both their personalities were brought out so clearly.. nice post !

  16. wow.. cute.

    i am not a devote. but i love god. i have a strange feeling tht he helps me out everytime i am struck.. =)

  17. I really hope you do know how good you are!! :) I've read a lot of fiction on a lot of blogs..but you are really amazing!! You shouldn't be writing here..get yourself published or something!! :) :) and I'm not much of a compliment-thrower, BTW. Ask my friends! Hehe :D

    Me...I really do believe in God a lot..but pray only when I need Him..even if it's just a book I can't find in the mess that is my room..!! Oh, but I do say thank you always! :)

  18. Well, am a complete believer Arnab. But I do have my questions about HIS existance.

    I think we just believe in God because we like to a sense of assuanrance that someone who is incapable of nothing is there for us, to support us anh help us of of every kind of trouble.

    I like to believe that there is a fixer for my screw ups.

    Nice post.. must say.. you're one heck of a ltalented writer :)
    Keep the good work up.. cheers!

  19. very heedful and attentive post it is...
    i m really very spritual n i can relate ths with me....
    i mean ths i s somethng my type of post...
    i really liked it tht u hv started somethng new tooo...
    looking fwd for someodr fantablusous post frm ur end....

    BTW...do u really get time in ur this busy schedule...wht a man u r ...
    So here Arnab Rocks again...

    very well narrated n with postive ending note..
    keep blogging...
    cheers :)

  20. @ Mahesh... Well, it seems that not only people in relationships can have thought processes like that :P And hey man, sorry I misunderstood that bit there :D and I think you already know the "count" by now, right??


  21. @ Kunjal... Hmm, I very purposefully avoided those twists and punches in this one, wanted to have one without that element. Nice to know that you liked it, thanks a lot for the comment...


  22. @ bondgal... I gotta say, that's one of the best comments I've ever recieved :) Thanks so much for the wonderful encouragement.

    And yes, I know you would understand the way I feel about the issue, we've had umpteen number of discussions about it as well I think.

    I hope that the posts keep reflecting the maturity, and somehow don't give a glimpse into the realities about the raving lunacies I do in real life, boiling down from the immature kid that I really am... you'd know about some of those, right?? :P

    Cheers, take care...

  23. @ Netika... Oh yes, I've had a lot of trouble. Now though, I've learnt the fine act of tact... somewhat, so the magnitude of "tough time" has certainly gone down... :P hehe


  24. @ Blue Eyed Soul... Thanks a lot, and good to know that you've got no regrets. Cheers...

  25. @ Arv... Been on both sides of those conversations? You might call it strange, to me it's quite interesting...

    Cheers man, and just a thought... why not put up a post about those conversations? Your viewpoints from both the sides...? Think about it man...

  26. @ BrownPhantom... Thanks a lot, really glad you liked it. Now that you mention it, I guess you are right about the bit with the car and all, although he didn't really want to let go of that credit for fixing the car now did he?? :P

    Cheers man...

  27. @ Niti... Well, I'll keep that in mind, the "Arnab" twists. I'll try to get back to that in the next few posts, although I'd love to write out something different as well.

    Cheers, and thanks for the critique. Take care :)

  28. @ aastha... Thanks a lot :) Nice to know you liked it. Keep browsing, and blogging, cheers...

  29. @ Richa... That's something that I can relate to very well, 'coz I'm not a devout but I'd sure like to know more. People say that makes me an agnostic, but I'd like to question that too :P


  30. @ Siya... :) Thanks a lot for that amazing comment, really. Although about the publishing thing, I'm not thinking about it very seriously right now. Got to sort out a few priorities in life, and then I'll start thinking about that. Point duly noted though, thanks a lot :)

    It's a great thing that you thank him, that's something that most people forget to do, whether they believe in him or not.

    Nice to see you dropping by, cheers...

  31. @ nihit... Welcome to the world of the Agnostics buddy :D

    Thanks for the comments, I hope I can keep going with posts like these. Cheers...

  32. @ Pallav... I'm glad there are people who can relate so well with the post. Also, amazing to know that they like the different style of writing too :)

    I like to take out some time to write, it's something that I really cannot wait for. If an idea strikes me, I gotta write it down... as was evident from this one as well, since I'm not really in the position to be blogging right now. Yet, had to pop in and post this one for the blogging world :D

    Thanks a lot for the visits man, cheers...

  33. Wow What a post!!!
    You've done amazing justice to the concept.Arnab, I must say,This is one of your best posts.

  34. Looking at wht Nihit had to say, I'd say such ppl belong to a category called Agnostic-Theist... And there are quite a lot of ppl like that.

    I liked the way you brought abt the concept of belief in this composition. Small incidents may turn out to be *big* miracles, too.

    Take care, and good luck!

    Peace. Have a nice day.

  35. predictable flow, but wonderful delivery!! that's what makes a storyteller different from d average joe out there!! good job...
    oh, and you did rake some serious thoughts in people's mind am sure. the hardliners as well as the confused ones... all is fine as long as there is respect!!

  36. @ akanksha... Thanks a lot for the comment, happy that you liked it. Keep tuned in for more stuff, and hope that I can keep churning out stories like this.

    Cheers, take care, keep blogging.

  37. @ Kartz... You can say that, although personally speaking, I don't think there is much need to classify or give names to the categories. After all, what's in a name, eh?

    And yes, more often than not, it's the smaller things that turn out to be the big miracles. I've seen it happen quite a few times myself.

    Cheers man, and thanks for dropping by.

  38. @ Sam... That was a great comment there man, Thank You for that. I'm really glad you think that way, and I'll try to maintain this style of writing, as much as I can.

    Yes, all is fine as long as there is respect, I completely believe that too. But then, one thing some people tend to forget is that respect begets respect, and that's something which you have to earn.

    Thanks for dropping by man, cheers...

  39. Hey Arnab,

    First time on your blog and this is the first post I read. Have to say, it was a creative idea. Would like to see more of your blog.

    Blogrolling you.

    Take care.

  40. @ Warm Sunshine... Welcome to Technicolor Collage. Glad you liked this one, do read the other posts out here as well. Would love to see you back here... cheers, take care...

  41. nice conversation arnab........
    it brought back some of my memories....as being an agnostic i suppose i also would have answered in the same way..........but still there are something to which i can't deny the fact also.....
    seriously a Nice One.......

  42. @ Vipin... So you're an agnostic as well? Hmm... good to konw that you liked this one. Thanks man... do read the other stories as well... Cheers...