55 Fiction: August Rain

Without warning, I come. Without shouting, I fall. I drench the world in emotions, quite unexpectedly. The crows in midflight flee; the sparrows find shelter in the trees. The devouts look up at their Gods; the atheists look up at their clouds.

I wash away the pain. If nothing, I try…

I am August Rain.


What is 55 Fiction? It is a fiction story, with all the basic elements of a narrative (plot, characters, setting, conflict), in 55 words or less (A non-negotiable rule). This post was due for some time now, considering the fact that it's about one of my favourite subjects – August Rain.

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  1. Hey thst good...
    I am August Rain....
    is really good..

  2. *I wash away the pain. If nothing, I try.

    Pretty line. Yes , you reda that right. It is a pretty line.

    God! I so miss the rains right now. :(

    And, you are back. :D Lol.

  3. @ Pallav... It's very motivating to see such prompt following, thanks a lot man!

  4. @ bondgal... Interesting viewpoint, and now that you point it out, it really does seem pretty to me too... And yes, even I miss the rain, which is kind of obvious. It's one topic I love to write about... :)

  5. A Rain's tale... captured in an elegant style :)

    beautiful work mate..

    keep them coming :)

    take care... cheers...

  6. @ Arv... Thanks a lot man. I'm trying my best to keep them coming, I hope the college life allows me to continue with it in the same spirit... cheers to that thot!

  7. Beautiful beautiful beautiful. :) Very well captured, the soul of the rain. And that's a great concept, 55 fiction, should try it sometime! :)

  8. @ Tara... Thanks a lot :) this is quite a common concept in blogosphere, and it's great fun to write stuff like this too. Do give it a shot sometime...

  9. Amazing as always!
    Loved it...Hope I write some 55 fiction soon!

  10. @ akanksha... This has become one of my favourite styles of writing suddenly. It's the short-and-sweet feel that makes me like it so much I guess. Do write one yourself, you'll see that you enjoy it as well.

  11. Elegance and simplicity.



  12. @ Kartz... you pretty much stated the principles of 55 fiction there. It's quickly become a favourite way of writing for me...

  13. lovely blog!!

  14. @ blue eyed soul... Thanks a lot :)

  15. very beautiful.

  16. @ Preetilata... Thanks a ton. Haven't seen you around blogsville for a while now, nice to have you back :)

  17. Ouch. :)

  18. @ Imperfect... Sometimes, not always. :)

    Welcome back... Cheers.