A Little Change…

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted something here, and I could see just how much you guys have missed me in the meantime. Thanks to everyone who’s been following this blog. Although I don’t have any stories to put up out here, I still wanted to come by and tell you that I haven’t crawled under a rock somewhere and died… I’m still alive and kicking!

This post is a bit different… instead of a story, I’m putting up some random photos that I’ve taken a while back, of my favorite subject there is – Delhi. I hope you like the photos here. There will be some more shots coming out here, along with some short stories too… haven’t really decided that just yet. For the time being though, enjoy the pics.


Taken at Chandni Chowk. A man lighting his kerosene lamp to prepare for the oncoming night. Business as usual.



Coffee Home at Connaught Place, New Delhi


Two eagles in the backdrop of a cloudy day. It rained soon after this, much to the relief of Delhi. I wonder what the eagles thought, though…


One of the many, many hawkers on the streets of Chandni Chowk. So preoccupied was he with his evening cup of tea, that he didn’t even seem to notice me taking this picture of his.


Connect the Pigeon Dots? Oh well, it’s already been done by that wire up there… a little inside story about this particular photo, I got a nice little drop of “blessing” from my beautiful models right after taking this picture, much to the amusement of all my classmates! I think somewhere, there’s a picture of me posing with a little white blob on the my jacket sleeve as well…

More stories and/or photos to come in future. In the meantime, you can head over to my Flickr account to see

some more pics that I’ve taken. That page would be (hopefully) updated quite frequently too.

Cheers to all.

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  1. My Dilli. GORGEOUS. = D

  2. hieee welcome back!!! im so happy cos even im just back too!!!

    and lovely pictures.. just yesterday, i was on my terrace taking pictures of the clouds and the birds just before it rained and got dark.. the bird pics didnt turn out well though :(

    anyway, see you around.. and dont you dare go missing again..
    ps- my blogs missing you :P

  3. Beautiful pics. They tell stories, too. :) Waiting for more the short stories to come soon. Good work. Take care.

  4. Welcome back :) yee... and pics are awesome.. so, a creative photographer in the anvil eh???

    Great going...
    Waiting for more of ur clicks :)


  5. Cool..I always admire great photographers....mere photos hamesha blurred ho jaate hai :|

    great ur back...and nice to see something other than stories :D (although ur stories are really good :D)

  6. Good to see, photography emerging well amongst bloggers...

    first and fourth pic bahut achchi hai, after all delhi mein mere khayal se waisi cheeze hi zyada dekhne ko milti hai....

    Keep posting.


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  14. @ Qi... She really is gorgeous, ain't she? :)


  15. well , if i wud have to choose 1 thn i wud go 4 no 4 ...

    @ mads
    just hold the camera still 4 sm time aftr takng pic . it ll nt gt blurred

  16. as said earlier, BRILLIANT. :) :)

    n heyy u didnt tell me abt d lil gift frm ur models in d air.. hehehe... :P :D

  17. @ Harini... It's a great feeling to be back, honestly. I hope I can stay here though, somewhat lost the touch of blogging, or so it seems...

    I took some more shots, I hope I can upload 'em sometime soon enough.

    I'll try my best not to disappear again :) I missed the blogging world a lot too, while I was away...


  18. @ Jagjit... Yeah man, they sure do... although, sometimes, the stories are shorter :) Dunno about the short stories right now man, don't have any ideas on which to write... If I get any, you'll find it out here. Cheers...

  19. @ Sowmi... Thanks a lot :) I missed this place a lot, hopefully won't have to get away from here for such a long time again...

    Cheers... :)

  20. @ Mads... Well, thanks a lot. And from what I've experienced, all you need is a steady hand, and lots of patience :)

    Glad you liked the change... I was wondering what people would think about that... Cheers...

  21. @ Mahesh... I've always been enthusiastic about photography, but never had a camera... until now, that is :D

    You can head over to my Flickr page, there are a few more pics out there too. Have fun checking them out as well :)


    P.S. I noticed quite a few of the same comment out here, I wonder how or why that happened. I'll delete the rest of them :)

  22. @ dont ask my reason... Well, the fourth one somehow is one of my favourites too. People photography is great, isn't it? :)

    Cheers man...

    @ Mads... Like I said, patience is the key :)

  23. @ Ice Maiden... Thanks... again :)

    I didn't tell you about the little gift?? Hmm... I'll try to get hold of that pic too, that should be fun, no? Hehe...

  24. FINALLY!!!!

    LOVED the first and the eagles one. :)

    Ye delhi hai meri yaar...bus ishq, mohabbat pyaar. :)


  25. @ bondgal... In fact, that song reminds me... those two pics were taken that same day, when we went to watch Delhi6 :D

    And yes, finally, I'm back!! :D missed the blogging world a lot yaar, and I'm starting to wonder what's gonna happen a year from now, when we get the actual jobs and all :O

  26. I like the first one the best!

  27. @ Shweta... Thanks :)

  28. Brilliant photography... Esp. the ones taken at CC...

    Keep up the great work :)

    Kudos :)

  29. @ Miss Kido... Thanks a lot. You're a CC fan too? :)

  30. What a beautiful change!!

    You have awesome photography skills, I must say.. so it seems u r creative inside out in every field.

    This post impressed as much as the stories..

    Come back soon...

  31. Hey Arnab..welcome back..really very happy 2 c u back :)

    awesome pics yaar...
    seriously...ur photography skills are too gud :)
    hope 2 c more posts from u
    keep smiling :)

  32. man.. those are some well taken pics... :)

    kewl stuff..

    take care mate.. .cheers..

  33. Hey Arnab.. :) u have flickr too! aha! photographer cum writer .. nicety nice :)

    Hey.. I have written a slly little story on my blog (in 2 parts.. they're titled "The Last Date"). Would be glad if u gave me honest views on it. Do come..

  34. I love the first picture !!

    Beautiful hues blending into one another to create an astounding frame.

    Wonderful !

  35. wow nice photgraphs:)must say you ahve averu different view of seeing things:)
    in case you are interested in a photcontest check the details here:http://www.cuckooscosmos.com/PhotoGallery/

  36. Yup :)

  37. dilli meri jaan! :-)

  38. Those are amazing pics arnab.. :) Lifes very own personal shots showcased brilliantly.. :)

    my very first visit here..am blogrollin ya.. :)


  39. hey....creative piks...specially d first one....d real dilli..!!
    hope u havent 4gotten me yet!!

  40. simply beautiful pictures... they are really beautiful!

  41. @ Harshita... Well, thanks so much :) I finally got a new camera, so now perhaps I can indulge in photography a little more :D

    I hope to be back soon, but I won't be that regular... I'll keep the blog alive though, don't worry about that bit :) Cheers...

  42. @ Satyu... Thanks a lot :) I hope to see more posts from me too... hehe...


  43. @ Arv... Thanks a lot dude... Cheers...

  44. @ Shruti... I just started with the flickr account a few days back. Got to see if I can be regular with it or not :)

    Photography is an interest that's never been explored much by me... didn't have a camera all for myself before, but now I do! :D

    Will check out the story on your blog... Cheers :)

  45. @ Cinderella... Thanks a lot :)


  46. @ Kunjal... Thanks a lot :) Don't know if my way of seeing things is all that different or not... I just know that I like capturing those interesting moments...

    I'll check out the photocontest sometime too... thanks for the info... cheers...

  47. @ Miss Kido... was coming back from Kashmere Gate today, and on the way back we crossed all of those places... Red Fort, Chandni Chowk, Jama Masjid, Daryaganj, Old Fort... really felt like just getting off the auto... I think I would have done it too, had it not been so hot, and I'd not been so tired... hehe

  48. @ Utopia... Likewise :P

  49. @ MultiMenon... Thanks a lot, welcome to Technicolor Collage. Hope you enjoy going through the previous posts too... Cheers...

  50. @ Blue Eyed Soul... Hey, welcome back! :D Thanks a lot... and I hope you're back for good now...?

  51. @ Phoenix... Thanks a lot :) Will be posting some other... stuff... soon... cheers ;)

  52. Hey nice shots..liked the first one the best..and the hawker too...they don't really need explanations, u know..The pictures speak for themselves..

  53. @ Mon Espace... Thanks a lot :) It's nice when the pics tell a story all by themselves, and it's the first time someone's said that for my photos...