… and she said, “I’m all yours.”

The school bell rang, and finally the moment she had been waiting for had arrived. She was free from school, and she couldn't wait to be back home. To be with the one she had been thinking of, for so long.

“Have a nice weekend!”

“You too!”

“I’ll drop by at your place around five, ok?”

“Sure thing. It’s gonna be so much fun, you guys spending the night over.”

“We’ll stay up all night long!”

The conversations amongst her classmates surrounded her, yet she seemed far away from it all. She was lost the her own thoughts, lost in the memories of the long hours she had spent in the company of her one true love.

She got on the bus, and sat at her favorite window seat. She wished with all her will that the bus would start moving soon. Her impatience paid off in the end; the bus jerked to life, and slowly trundled off in the direction of her house. She felt excited at the thought of someone waiting for her. Her thoughts wandered back into the memories of the countless kisses they had shared, the warm feeling she got every time, the subtle high she experienced from it all.

The bus stopped in front of her house, and she hopped off it. In seconds, she ran into her room and locked the door. In the semi – darkness, she whispered, “I’m ready, my love.”

Cautiously, she took out the stock of ground marijuana she kept in her closet. Her lovestruck eyes lit with delight, as she took the drugs and rolled up a joint. With trembling hands, she lit one end of the joint, and kissed the other end. The warmth of the kiss travelled all over her senses; she took a deep drag, and whispered in the silence, “I’m all yours.”


Been busy almost the whole week, which is why there was a delay in the story. Wish I had a bit more time to work on this, it didn’t quite turn out the way I wanted it to be. Still, I wanted to post something here, and so, here it is. Tried to take into account the many requests of a love story, but I don’t think this one quite qualifies to be a part of that category.

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103 comments :: … and she said, “I’m all yours.”

  1. And finally I m first!!!!

    I think its a good thing i m addicted to stories wid "grey shades" :) This one totally rocked!!

    NOW i seriously want tht autograph ;-) wow. :)


  2. wowwww...... so very well writtenn.

    sad truth that so many young people get into drugs.

  3. she is a mess...

    but that mess was beautifully written...

    kewl one mate... cheers...

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    Well written...


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  8. Mate.. this is lovely...

    i always wonder how u can write such a beautiful pieces...

  9. Hmm... so aajkal requests ka season hain... but I have no requests in particular except that you shud write wat u feel like coz only then your true essence comes into ur posts...hain ki nahi?? :)

    About this post... I will tell u wat I felt... I thought the love wud be her dad...may be her dog...LOL... I never thought it is Marijuana. :)

    It is an amazing story where u kept the unpredictable factor alive till the end.

    Loved it.

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    Not the conventional one, but what a refreshing change this was..

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  13. Really good work of yours... the gloomier side of the gal has been brought out well... I loved it.. keep writing Arnie :)

  14. a love story of a gril and her drugs.. :) technically, it does qualify!
    Good work, little genius :)

  15. @ Ice Maiden... :) Thanks a lot... and don't worry, I'm not just finishing up with that! :D

    I didn't quite expect you to talk about addiction right after this post, somehow. Nice!

    Grey Shades... it's become one of my favourite forms too, so thanks for introducin me to it :)

    And like I said, if someday I write that book, you'll surely get an autographed copy... but you do remember the deal, right?? :P


  16. @ Preetilata... Thanks. And yeah, it is the sad truth, I've seen it happen too...

    Cheers... keep blogging...

  17. way better than a love story :D

    no really.. i am sick of love stories :D but this is an awesome thing the experiments u do..

  18. @ Arv... Hmm... yeah, she is a mess, no doubt... at least that's how she seemed to be in my head.

    Thanks man...

  19. @ Shweta... Well, nice to see that the stories still surprise people, even now :) Thanks a lot... Cheers...

  20. @ Hopeless Romantic... Thanks man. Glad you enjoyed it. Cheers...

  21. @ Ki... Even I wanted to develop it a bit more, but like I said, didn't get time all this week. This one was written last night, while I was working alongside :P

    Hope I get a bit more time this week...

    Cheers :)

  22. @ Phoenix... :) Glad you love the stories so much. I just hope I can keep churning them out, and get the time to actually sit and write 'em down too...

    Cheers... :)

  23. @ Pallav... Thanks man. I didn't want to keep this so short, but the time constraint forced me to wrap it up fast. Glad you liked it.


  24. @ Harshita... Request season - seems so :) Helps to write stuff based on what people want when nothing comes to your head 'coz you're so busy, and that's how I've been feeling for the last two weeks. This week was a bit too crazy, that's why wrote this one at the very last moment of the weekend :D

    And I'm so glad that you did not see that ending coming! :D


  25. @ bondgal... Yesss, mission accomplished!! :D

    Love that :O face of yours... I'm so glad that I wrote this one now :P

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  27. @ Niti... Oh yeah!! :D

    Thanks a lot... and I somehow knew that if anyone would appreciate the "Short and Sweet" bit, it'd be you :)


  28. @ Sowmi... Thanks a lot. Glad you liked it... and I'll surely try my best to keep writing. Hope I get the time for it though...

    Cheers... :)

  29. @ Shruti... Hmm, glad to know that it does qualify. Come to think of it, now even I think it does. This was love, in a messed up way, wasn't it...?

    Thanks a lot... :) Cheers...

  30. @ Richa... Hehe... Somehow, I do share your thoughts there. There are really a lot of love stories going around. However, there's another major reason why I don't venture into the mainstream love stories... I've never been able to handle it, and work with the characters, somehow :D

    And experiments are a lot of fun, which is why I like to indulge in them whenever I can :)


  31. Arnab: No its not messed at all. Its her choice of partner. I loved Tripli.. who was my pet cat.. ;)

  32. Too good Arnab :)

    Simply loved it!!! :)

    Kudos!!! :)

    Keep writing!!! Cheers!!! :)

  33. @ Shruti... The reason I said messed up is for the very choice of the partner she chose. I think there is a big difference between the love for a cat, and the addictive love for a joint rolled with weed :P

  34. @ Miss Kido... Thanks a lot :) I'll surely keep writing, I try to at least write one story a week or so... hope I don't run out of time this week though...


  35. lol..

    I'll always be the honest critique around here. Like it or not.. :D

  36. @ Niti... I've been searching for an honest critique for a long time now, and for that very reason, I'm really glad that you found your way here... so, you better not make it sound bad or anything!! :D

    I really appreciate your brutally honest criticism about shortcomings of the stuff I write, so you can say that I like it :)

    Keep commenting, while on my part, I'll keep writing... how does that sound to ya..?? :P


  37. Oh..totally.. :)

  38. sounds perfect i guess.. =)

  39. Typical Arnab Style!
    Loved it :)
    Keep writing!

  40. @ Netika... In that case, that's nice! :D

  41. @ Niti... Great! So we have a deal... :)

    Although, going by the looks of the kinda pressure I'm in right now, it's making me wonder a tad bit whether I'll be able to keep my end of the deal or not... :P hehehe

  42. Too good man. I fell for it properly thinking it to be a love story.
    Kudos :D
    I don't care how busy u are :D
    Your readers want more :D :D :D

  43. @ akanksha... Thanks a lot... and I'll keep writing, for sure. I really don't think I can ever let go of it completely, especially not after my experiences with this blog. I'm hooked to it now :D


  44. W.O.W. No, seriously.

  45. @ Mads... :D So I'm guessing the plot was a success? :P Thanks a lot for reading... and even I want to keep writing re, I just hope I get the time. I know whatever I put up here, you guys would be there to read it and comment on it too. :)

    I'll keep writing, I'm too much into it to let go of it now. Cheers...

  46. @ Ping... Thanks :)

  47. u always make me wrong ...
    bt nt this time ...
    i knew watevr i was thinking is wrong

  48. wow... u seriusly are a gud storyteller...

    Shruti was so right

    (came here on Shruti's recommendation on her blog) :)


  49. i was expecting the 'love' to be her mommy :) n there u are! giving it A twist.. i wish u had developed on it more ! but after my lambi kahaani, this short one of yours is inspiring.. !

  50. Is it just me or is *everyone* talking about mary jane?!

    This one i really liked. Again, the narrative was powerful.And i lurrve the picture u put up. As weird as it may sound, it sets a mood to the story.. :)

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  52. @ don't ask my reason... Good strategy there my man! :D Hehe...

    Hope you liked this one... Cheers...

  53. @ d gypsy!... Thanks a lot :) Welcome to Technicolor Collage, hope you enjoy the stuff out here. Cheers...

  54. @ aastha... Hehe... it's really fun to do that. But then, sometimes, it's a bit disappointing to note that the readers read the story expecting a twist in the end...

    Thanks a lot. Keep reading, and writing... Cheers... :)

  55. @ Mon Espace... Who else is talking about the enticing Mary Jane eh?? I'd like to see... :)

    Well, the picture there was by someone else, included the link for it at the end of the post... all thanks to that person for this particular pic. Even I thought it fit perfectly, somehow...

    Thanks a lot... keep reading, cheers...

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  57. this was really good !! was perfect in being short, crisp and had a good twist too !! a sad one though :)

  58. nice one.
    lovely end.
    sad though bout kids and drugs

  59. @ Pretty Me... Thanks a lot :) The ending was sad, no doubt about it... but I somehow had to write it...

    Cheers... keep blogging...

  60. @ Raghav... Thanks man... It's sad indeed about kids and drugs...


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    nice word selection, captivating lines and ending it on a very different note........
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    it left me kinda shocked and with the feeling of something strange and different... it was touching.. it was sad.. it was expressive....
    in short it was just AWESOME...

  63. Very well written. I could say this is my friend's real story. Nice work.

  64. ;) \m/

    Check out my latest post to reaffirm what you've written here. It's uncanny that these posts of ours are out at kinda similar times

    Rock on mate!

  65. @ Vipin... Thanks a lot man. Hope the first impression was a good one :D Keep reading... Cheers...

  66. @ Deepika... Welcome to Techinicolor Collage :) Thanks a lot, hope you have a nice time reading the old stories, and the new ones that might come in future. Cheers... :)

  67. @ Nikki... I hope your friend got through it. It's a really sad thing when something like this can take control you, and to this extent. Even I've seen it happen, and heard about it a lot of times...

    Thanks for the comments. Cheers :)

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  69. Arnab,

    At last i am here and i always make sure that i read and comment on all your post, irrepective of what it takes...

    What i like most about blog is, the portrayal of the protoganist you choose, which are versatile in its own way everytime you come up with a story.

    In this one, portaying a spoiled child was one another thing that came out of your writing skills..

    I liked it ...

    Keep writing arnab.


  70. Brilliant to the dot. Period.


    Long time, mate. How have you been? :)

  71. @ Mahesh... I noticed that man, and I'm really glad that you like this blog so much that you follow it so diligently. It's something every writer likes to have... always :)

    Cheers man... and thanks a lot for the wonderful words, as always.

  72. @ Kartz... Thanks a lot man. I've been good, busy with the internship and all. Have been thinking about taking a hiatus from the blogging world for a few weeks, quite like you... not something that I've wanted to do, rather something I've been forced to do for the time being...

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    I din understand d end..i mean aftr reading it twice i understood it..hehehe
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  75. @ Satyu... Thanks a a lot :) I don't think there's a better compliment for a writer than knowing that the readers read the story twice, so yeah, I do take that as a compliment! :D

    Cheers... and this week, I won't be able to write anything new, and the same's gonna hold true for the next week too... this might be a good opportunity for you guys to read through the older stories on the blog. Hope you don't mind the break too much... :)

  76. @ Silverstreak... Have to take a break, for the next two weeks or so. Sorry about that, but it's a good chance for you to browse through the older stories, and enjoy them... I hope you don't mind that too much :) Cheers...

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    Where is your story???? I know I might be infiltrating, but you got to kep your readers happy :P :P

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    chalo, time for revision I guess :)
    And I thought school student life is over :P

  80. SO. That't not how I expected it to turn out :) Quite the pleasant shock this was, its pleasantness attributed to how it was written!

    Cheers :)

  81. @ Tabitha... Thanks a lot :) Sorry about the late reply to the comment, some stuff's been keeping me real busy these days. That's the same reason why there's been no posts out here recently...

    Hope to be able to post something here soon... Cheers...

  82. @ Netika... Well, you read right... I'm not gonna be able to write anything this week, or probably the next week as well. Let's see, when I'll be able to write anything... I miss it a lot as well...

  83. @ Absolutely Normal Chaos... Thanks a lot, I hope you enjoy the other stories as much too. Won't be able to write anything new for a while now, so do read the older stories in the meantime :D

    Cheers :)

  84. yeah,it quite doesn't fit into that 'love-story' category..yet it was enjoyable..

  85. 57 followers and 84 comments!!!

    Someone's getting very popular haan. :P

    Err, Arnab "tu hamse baat tto karega na?" :P

  86. Please update!

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  89. @ Gayathri... I know it doesn't fit in the 'love-story' category, still I just couldn't resist writing it.

    Thanks for reading :) Cheers...

  90. @ bondgal... Well, I dunno about that. I too noticed that just a few days back actually :) hehe...

    And, considering the fact that I might be stepping away from the blogging world for a while, I don't know how long this popularity is gonna last.

    And dude, I'm pretty sure terese bina baat kare life just would be the same! :D


  91. @ Nikki... Been busy with the internship, I'll update the blog soon. Need a little more time to think about what to post, and this time things might be a bit different too... let's see :)


  92. @ Qi... :D Sorry for such a long wait, but I don't think I'm quite there yet to be able to write something. Just got over the internship, the last two weeks or so had been crazy busy. I hope I'll update the page soon... with what, I'm not too sure yet...

  93. @ dont ask my reason... Well, that's the third update request! Sorry guys, for keeping you waiting like this... I'll update the page soon, maybe not with a story just yet... but with something!

    Cheers... and thanks, for following this page, even while I myself couldn't come by here all that often... :)

  94. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!

    I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  95. @ bondgal... Ohho... typo re... Sorry, what I meant was that life just WOULDN'T be the same without talking to you. Ab thik hai? :P

    See, tera effect itna zyaada ho gya hai, ki abhi typos bhi ho rhe hai merese... hehehe :D

    Apology accepted, and the kick withdrawn...? :P

  96. Did I hear someone saying he's going to step away from the blogging word for a while? how long is this 'while' going to last?

  97. @ Shruti... Well, I would be stepping away from the blogging world, but I'm not going to disappear completely. I'll keep posting from time to time, it's just that there's a probability that it won't be that regular. For example, I just came back from a trip, and there's a lot that I want to write right now... so, there might be a post waiting for you within the next few days itself :P Cheers...

  98. Good enough.. and I see u have kept ur promise of posting. Writing is a good addiction ainnit? :)

  99. @ Shruti... It really is. I found that out way back in 1998, and I've been addicted ever since :P hehe

  100. wow! school time se kya? :)

    ..with this comment, I have accomplished my mission :P see ya around!

  101. @ Shruti... Yeah, school time se. Although that time, I used to write very different things... poems and weird essays and articles, things like that. Started with stories and all properly once I came to college..

    And what mission was that...?

  102. not telling it here.. :)

  103. @ Shruti... eh?? Why not?