The Gravity Well

Imagine floating.

Imagine your hair loose, flying in the soft breeze.

Imagine you dancing in the wind. Imagine chasing the butterflies. The dragonflies. The cotton balls as they float idly in the summer sun.

Imagine being at the center of the earth, where Gravity cannot reach you. Imagine going round and round in circles, and actually enjoying that for a change.

Imagine the floor disappearing from under your feet. Imagine yourself rising slowly, steadily. Imagine reaching out for the inky black sky, the twinkling stars studded in the heavens above.

Imagine being at the centre of a bubble, which carries you over the world as you know it.

Imagine flying higher and higher. Imagine toucing the red hot sun, with the mittens so it doesn't burn your skin. Imagine the warmth, the promise of life.

Imagine blowing over an apple tree in full bloom. Imagine an apple racing towards the earth, too ripe for the tree. Imagine the sweet crunchiness as your teeth bite into the apple.


4 comments :: The Gravity Well

  1. "You may say Im a dreamer ; but Im not the only one "

  2. @ imperfect...

    Thanks for that amazing comparison... although I'm not entirely sure if I'm worthy of it or not... glad you enjoyed it

  3. I am floating in Dreamworld now :D cute cute...

  4. @ Sowmi... Thanks :)