That Gnome

2:15 AM seems the right time for some weird little inspirations, like the one I just had, about a butterfly chasing Gnome...

One fine morning, my pet Gnome and I
Went down to the garden, to catch a butterfly
The gnome was happy, so this poem we wrote,
but he didn't see where he was walking, and squished a toad
Shocked, the gnome looked down and said, "Blimey!
That little toad sure is green and slimy!"
"You idiot, that's 'coz you killed him," said I,
"and you chased away that big butterfly!"
"Quick, run, after the tiny beast," said he
and in his haste, tripped into an elm tree
Bonk! went the gnome's head on the tree bark
Dazed and confused, he said "Flengin, glargen, plark!"
Just then, floated a butterfly with a big, big wing
"Charge! we have to capture that little thing!"
With that warcry, the gnome went off again,
and promptly forgot his guilt, shame, and pain
Up the hill, down the hill, even side to side
that wily butterfly took the gnome for a ride
Alas! the fat gnome had no chance
Thus giving up, he returned with a contemptuous glance
"Well," I asked him, "did you at least see the colour of the wing?"
"Dude, don't ask me that, 'coz orange doesn't rhyme with anything!"

6 comments :: That Gnome

  1. LOL!! this sure got me grinning :D

  2. @ Pri... It's one of the very few "funny" poems that I've written, if I may call it that. I've somewhat moved into prose these days, much more flexibility for me. Thanks for reading :)

  3. heheheh...nicee.....

  4. @ Ratul... :) Thanks man. It's quite an old poem actually, how come you didn't read that before?

  5. hahahah...cute and your pet's name is gnome?? why is it so??? lol! different name... and last line was sooper...

  6. @ Sowmi... Gnomes are mythical creatures. This poem was inspired by a silly/kiddish fantasy train-of-thought that had entered my head somehow. :)