The Tale of a Boy

This is a story, a tale, a saga, of Michael, a regular 13 year old boy, who was known amongst his friends as Mike. A boy like all else, having dreams, and some nightmares as well.

On the bright Monday morning our story launches off, Mike was running late for school.
"Stop wolfing down your bacon like that, sweetheart," his mother said, peeping from behind the kitchen counter
"I'll be fine Mom, don't wanna be late for school"
"There's always time for a decent meal, to be had in a more civilized manner..."
"See ya later, Mom"

And he was off, to the start of a brand new day. He passed a bunch of boys playing Football at the park, too engrossed in the game to notice anything else in the world. For a fleeting second, Mike wanted to be out there, to run and play like those boys.

It never happened.

He reached school, a few minutes late for his Biology class. He just hoped Grandpa, the nickname for elderly Mr. Joseph Bing, wouldn't mind him being late.

"May I come in, Sir?" said a timid voice at door of Grandpa's class.
"Mike, I'm sorry, you're late," said Grandpa
"I'm sorry Sir; I promise it won't happen again"
"But sonny, there's a decorum that has to be maintained”
"Please sir, this is the first time I'm late ever!" Mike almost begged, "Just this once, Sir."
"Oh, alright then. Take a seat next to Ms. Cathy Jones here. And mind you be on time next time!"
"Thank very much, Sir"

As he settled down beside Cathy, the new student of the class, he couldn't help but notice that she was very pretty. Their eyes met, she smiled, and said "Hi," her hand extended. Mike shook it, and was teleported to a ballroom, soft music playing, Cathy's hands in his, both dancing a slow, sweet tango

It never happened

He was amazed how fast Biology class went by that day, and he had to endure the rest of the classes, waiting for recess, so he could talk to Cathy again.

Finally, the bell for lunch rang, and Mike moved slowly along with the crowd. As he started with his lunch, Ronald, the school Bully, appeared, as always flanked by his cronies; the Trilogy- Steve, Peter and Martin.
"Easy Target," whispered Ron into Steve's ear, pointing at Mike and grinning.

"Well hello, softy," Peter said, addressing Mike. "In case you haven't noticed, you're sitting at our table."
"I don't mind if you guys sit here, there's plenty of room for all of us," Mike said, looking up.

Ronald looked as though he had swallowed a wasp. He recovered quickly though, and in a flash had Mike by the scruff of his t-shirt, and thundered "Listen Punk! Dare to talk back at us like that again, and I'm gonna rip you, limb- from- limb." He threw Mike bodily, who landed painfully, five feet away.

He visioned himself getting back up on his feet, sprinting towards Ron, and getting him with Muhammad Ali's famous One- two punch.

It never happened.

The next class was Geography. Mike's class was studying Mountains of the world, and the teacher had brought a video about a mountaineering crew. As the class watched, mesmerized, at the amazing feats the crew conducted, Mike drifted off into his own dreamworld, where he was the leader of the crew, the best and most skilled mountaineer in the world. He scaled sheer rock faces with ease, conquered snow capped mountain peaks, risking his life to reach the ultimate pinnacle of his dreams.

It never happened.

When class was over, he saw Cathy leave school, walking with a boy ("Her brother," Mike thought hopefully), and in a moment, inside his head, he was walking her home, side by side, talking all along, bonding with her as he had never done with any girl before.

It never happened.

All because Michael was a slave to his wheelchair... forever...

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  1. man, i think i know Mike

  2. beautiful. :)

  3. its can easily relate to mike...

  4. wonderful!! quite an unexpected twist of events in the end.

  5. @ Sumit... Thanks a lot man, both for the comments, and for going through the blog... cheers...

  6. Wow.. and was sad that Mike boy was slave to his wheelchair :( YOu're gonna make big..

  7. @ Sowmi... This one's another story I'd written a long time back, when I was in college. One of my first short stories that made it out into the world... :)

    Thanks for reading this, and commenting on it. Cheers...