The Things I Want...

"The things I want", by Arnab Majumdar

A Smoke.

A Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of Rum.

The Sun to shine once again. For me.

The Stars to twinkle once again. For her.

The hope that She can make sense of it all. For Us.


A Red Pet Dragon.

Fifteen cars. Maybe that's too much.

Okay, Fourteen cars.

Free Fall. Once.

Space Walk. Twice.

A Smile. Like Hers. Forever.

A Time Machine.

Caffeine. A lot of it. Some things never change.

Extra Cheese Pizzas.

No, strike that out. Some things do change.

Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. For some reasons.

Is it all too much?

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  1. "The Sun to shine once again. For me.

    The Stars to twinkle once again. For her.

    The hope that She can make sense of it all. For Us."..

    no ..not at all..u dint ask 4 2 much..but something eternal.

    bhalo laglo

    tk cr
    :) :) :)

  2. nice one.. i guess ill takr this up like a tag.. n every1 will want willywonkas factory.. for chocolatey reasons..
    ps drop by my blog sumtime

  3. haha.. weirdly cute! :) nice one here!

    blogrolled u!

  4. now thats real nice ...... red pet dragon had me huh?....
    and willy wonka choc factory.....its on my list too .....

  5. hehe.....did know u too be wacky and dreamer...a red dragon....and whose the "HER".....and 14een cars.....damn one fr every frend of urs kya....i hope u spare me the porshe wen u get nice one.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.
  7. forteeeeeeen cars??yeah, i must agree with should give 1 to every frnd of yours fact 2....coz h-block already has a parking space problem,isn't it? :P

    n u mind if i share d time machine with you?

    n give me the extra cheese pizzas if you don't want...

    PS: Your replies to the comments by readers are not that frequent. N i don't appreciate that. Oh well, i don't blame you for that,coz your posts are also not that frequent.:P Buck up joy.....v want to read more of your work...

  8. @ Anupriya... there's a reason why I didn't really reply to the posts. This is not one of my favourite posts to be honest, and I hardly come here to read the comments... what made you comment on this one?? And, how come you didn't read the other posts..?

  9. Smal list, I must say. :P Chocolate factory and time machine meri hai, baaki you can have. ;)

  10. @bondgal... remember that list we had to write in our Biz Comm class? Well, this is just like an extension of that :D and hey, those two are like THE most desirable things in the list, you can't just take it away!!

    We can share though, wouldn't mind... itna toh kar sakta hoon :P hehe

  11. i have read all of your posts's jus that i m not that good with words as when i really have to be honest...:P jus seriously,at times,i m left with no words after reading your stuff...n i don't dont want fake it trying to invent words for your versatility ...i'd rather call you up n discuss over it...neyi? However, i try posting a comment wherever i can.....that's assured :)

  12. beautiful and its not too much at all... u know wat I had extra cheese pizza yesterday :D

  13. @ Sowmi... Well, the list has changed a lot now. Some things have been added, while some removed... happens in life, doesn't it? :)